Chance me for a few schools

Asian male from Canada (applying for Class of 2025)
GPA: 4.0 UW
SAT: 1520 (730 reading, 790 math) - will hopefully take again
SAT 2: Math 2: 800, will be taking Chemistry
IB: Math SL, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Philosophy SL, French ab initio, English HL

Schools that I’m planning to apply to:

  • Yale (biomedical engineering, most likely SCEA)
  • CMU (probably information systems, RD)
  • JHU (BME, maybe ED 2)
  • UPenn ( BME, RD)
  • Northwestern (BME, RD)
  • Duke (BME, RD)


  • Executive member of Science Club at my school
  • Student researcher at local university (was not able to participate in the science fair this year due to Covid)- researching plastics and its effects on humans
  • First violin/concertmaster for top local orchestra
  • Executive director of music organization that brings high school musicians to play at senior homes around my city
  • Part of a high level music program in my city
  • Volunteer tutor for debate and english (4h/week)

Not much coding/CS experience but I am trying to learn Java


  • 3rd in province for chemistry olympiad
  • 2nd nationally for music competition
  • Gold medal in British Biology Olympiad