Chance Me For A Girlfriend, Please!

<p>-Height: 6' 2
-Weight: 180 lbs. (of raw muscle)
-Black hair (So basically people say I'm a ripped Jonas brother)
-Handsome (understatement)
-Humorous/Hilarious (approximately twice as funny as Dane Cook)
-About as sensitive as a stone (Could this hurt my chances?)
-I am in a band (did that sell ya?)(Is bluegrass music cool?)
-Popularity Rank: 2 out of 689 in my class (darn kid with the headgear got me)
-GPA (Girls [Dated] Point Average): 9.3 (unweighted)
-Total Jock (Captain of Chess Team)</p>

<p>My Usual Chances:
-Hannah Montana~Super Reach (don't worry she is for everyone)
(can't say I find her attractive)
-Beyonce~low match
-Jessica Alba~high match
-Angelina Jolie~safety
-Megan Fox~match
-Oprah Winfrey~high match
-Ellen Degeneres/Rosie O'Donnell~low reach</p>

<p>Chance me I'm kind of a loser in comparison to most dudes...</p>

<p>Are you serious....</p>

<p>well remeber with girls you can't really gauge yourself with numbers. Its a crapshoot always. With the number of applicants increasing everywehre its no longer based on just numbers but on the intangilbes. Remeber to show your passion and u shuld be fine.
I would say though that you probably have a good chance for rosie o'donald.</p>

<p>LOL Angelina Jolie Safety, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, DAM!</p>

<p>Do I look like one to joke, derekPH?
Trickstylez, turning Rosie O'Donald was my #1 choice, but I thought my odds were weak, so your post is encouraging.</p>

<p>thanks, though i will admit you will have a hard time getting ellen. Angelina jolie is a cinch to get. You should be able to get her and a "full ride" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHa</p>

<p>Trickstylez, good points! It would take a miracle for John Travolta in his prime to pick up Ellen, I'm afraid I may have underestimated my hopelessness. I may end up falling back on that Full Ride from Angelina jolie. hahahahaha</p>

<p>Oh god. This made my day.</p>

<p>But if Megan Fox is a match for you, you're probably Michael Phelps or someone, cause DAMN she's hot.</p>

<p>Yea she's up there on my list, but unlike Michael Phillips I don't have ADHD or a speech problem...</p>

<p>i would have to say you have a really good list and i think you do have a chance at getting hannah montana even though it is reach..good luck</p>

<p>Thanks solo2013! That's the most assuring advice I've ever received. I think, considering I dated both the Olson twins at the same time once, that i have a certain appeal to child stars so i guess I'll do my best to prove naysayers wrong.</p>

<p>your hand - super safety</p>

<p>Ouch guitarman89, I thought I could bank on my low safety of Barbara Walters before I would ever resort to my super safety</p>

<p>Hahaha! I'm lovin it. :)</p>

<p>By far the greatest thread I've ever read.</p>

<p>guitarman, which hand?</p>

<p>Doesn't matter I'm ambidextrous...</p>

<p>^ damn i bet that comes in "handy".
Have u ever looked into Natalie Portman? shes from Harvard, i bet she gives great brain.........</p>

<p>What about studying abroad? I mean Keira Knightley's not half-bad to study.</p>

<p>hahaha 2 puns in one comment you're good Trickstylez. I dated Natalie Portman but she dumped me cause I always called her Padme and talked about Star Wars....</p>