Chance me for a spread of schools (please I'm clueless)

Hey all, any input helps! If you think I’m looking in the wrong places or know of a school that aligns with my stats, please recommend it (because as mentioned in the title, I am clueless).

GPA: 3.3uw/4.2w (getting better each year. I’ll end up with 7 A’s and a B in all honors/AP classes this year, bringing the average up to a 3.46uw/4.4ish weighted). This is going to hurt, I’m sure.

ACT: 33 (36E/30M/36R/29S) (scores for one I took at my school coming in soon. I may be completely wrong but I’m really feeling a 34 or 35. We’ll see what happens)

Rank: Probably top 30%, although I won’t know until transcripts are published in May. Class of just over 100 at one of the best public schools in my state (nationally recognized as well).

Course rigor: All honors/AP except for PE and a gifted piano class (but hey that was 90 minutes of free practice with an experienced teacher five days a week I’m not complaining)

AP Scores: European History: 3 (test day issues oof), US Gov’t: 4, US History: This year, Psychology: This year, Literature: Next year, World History: Next year, Comparative Gov’t: Next year, French: Next year

Extracurricular activities:

[All of high school] President, Lead counsel of mock trial team. We were the first public school to ever win our regional competition and went on to be state finalists this year. I was named “Best Attorney” at the state competition.

[This year and next year] President, Founder of History Bowl team. In our first year (this year), we qualified for nationals. We’ll see how that goes in April.

[All of middle and high school] President of student ministry club on campus. It looks low-commitment on paper but it’s something that I really do care about, since I’ve seen how positive of an impact it’s had at my school.

[10th grade-11th grade, plus next year] Vice president of Model UN club. Named one of four outstanding delegates at a statewide conference, was selected to attend a national debate conference with a few other applicants from my state despite a large group of people vying for the spot.

[7th grade-11th grade, plus next year] Section Leader in Marching/Symphonic Bands at school. We consistently receive the highest possible marks at the competitions we attend, and we make football games pretty fun lol.

[This year and next year] Quiz Bowl. We’re nationally competitive :smiley: The only reason I wasn’t on the team as a sophomore is that I was absent on tryout day. Now I’m an active member and was given a quasi-leadership position (not “captain” since it’s my first year and seniors get priority but they put me in charge of one of our teams)

[This year and next year] Chess Team. I started playing last November and I absolutely love it. I’m already playing with the rest of the team at competitions and doing fairly well. Even if I’m not good, I intend to continue this one until I am. Third place regionally, and state is coming up this month. I expect to improve a good bit once I get some basics down and borrow some books from my friend who’s played for a while.

[10th grade-11th grade, plus next year] VEX Robotics. I’m not really a STEM guy, but I love designing and helping build what we take to competition. I’m illiterate when it comes to programming, but I stick more to actual strategy at competitions. Once a few other people and I come up with how we want to approach a certain aspect of the game, then another group of people program. Wooo symbiosis.

[7th grade-11th grade, plus next year] Varsity Cross Country. I’m definitely not the best on the team, but I enjoy it and I love how it keeps me in-shape


[since I could pick up a broom] Maintenance at a medical clinic in a nearby city. I helped my dad when I was little and started bearing the majority of the workload when I hit twelve, maybe thirteen years old.

[2016] Presidential campaign. Candidate was a little controversial. Didn’t win, didn’t almost win. I phone banked and tried to give away yard signs to varied degrees of success.

[2016] Senate campaign. I distributed campaign materials for a now-sitting US Senator.

[2016-2017] Contributor for a political news/opinion site. I stopped in September of 2017 after my last article hit 50k+ clicks because I couldn’t fulfil the monthly requirements while still feeling that I was putting in my best work. My name is no longer on these pieces :frowning:


I’ve published in English and am working on getting a French short-story published with some of my friends, so my essays won’t be awful. They won’t be the best because I choke when I have to hype myself up in writing, but they’ll convey some semblance of personality through lighthearted self-deprecation that builds up to a conclusion that makes me look like a solid applicant. That’s the plan, at least. I’m going to have my English teacher look over them all once I’m finished and get back to me when he has the time. That’ll be extremely valuable.

Rec letters:

Solid. I’m close enough with some of my teachers that I’ve been able to ask for relationship advice without feeling awkward lol (even the one whose class I got a C in :/). They can say that my GPA isn’t a great reflection of how much I actually put into my studies given my development over time, since I felt so awkward just typing the last part of this sentence that there’s no way I could say it in one of my essays.

Schools I’m considering:


Notre Dame


Tulane (legacy)
GW (probably a low reach actually)


Two state schools, one of which I meet the guaranteed admission requirements for

I will apply to two more safeties and another match or two, but I’ve got some more searching to do before I can settle on much. Thanks for reading.

I don’t typically reply to these threads but since nobody had chimed in I’m going to weigh in. I don’t think you are getting in to any of those reaches. You GPA is going to hurt you there, and the ACT - while great!- is average for those schools. I also question whether Tulane or GW are matches. Just my .02.

Thanks for reading! Again, clueless here, but I put Tulane and GW in the match section because I’m in-state plus legacy for Tulane and my cousin got into GW with similar stats. I could be completely mistaken, but this is just a rough guess at where I stand.

wooo got the act to a 34 (cue confetti)

It doesn’t affect much, but I’ll take it : D