Chance me for acceptance?

<p>So I've received my transcript and scores and as a Junior I am now thinking about college. Rice is near where I lived and I have visited the campus and absolutely love it. I wanna try to study Architecture or Engineering. Here are my stats, is Rice even within the realm of possibility for me? Or should I just forget about it? </p>

<p>SAT (1st Try)
Total : 2050
CR: 720
M: 740
W: 590
I bombed my writing really hard, as a French-Canadian I moved to Texas in 8th grade and basically skipped all Grammar lessons. I basically self-taught myself English. I plan on retaking the SAT one more time in May tho.</p>

Unweighted : 3.83/4.0
Weighted : 5.0/6.0
I have taken all Pre-AP ( My schools doesn't offer "Honors" so I am assuming this is the equivalent) and AP class throughout my school career.
I will finish High School with a total of
10 Pre-AP Class
10 Ap Class</p>

<p>Class Rank : 23/435</p>


<p>NHS Officer
Varsity Football ( 3 Years )
Varsity Track ( 2 Years )
Varsity Powerlifting ( 3 Years)
Young Politician of America
100-ish Volunteer Hours
I know my ECs are kinda lacking, but it's all 3 sports require a lot of time commitment</p>

<p>Thank You for your time
and please be brutally honest.</p>

<p>It might be interesting to write about your transition from being a French Canadian to becoming a Texan, and its effect on your wanting to attend Rice. Also about how you self-taught yourself English -- that could surely make your application stand out. There are lots of prep books at the library/bookstores to help you continue to work on grammar.<br>
I liked the Editor-in-Chief series. Lots of good luck to you, Lockon -- I hope you apply.</p>

<p>You do need a couple of subject tests or ACT instead of SAT.</p>

<p>If you are certain about Rice, one thing to consider is ED which ensures that Rice is aware you consider them your first choice.</p>