Chance me for AEM...please be honest

<p>I'm applying to Cornell AEM ED in the fall. I've talked to two Cornell alums and they helped me to decide that Cornell would be my top choice. I realize AEM is very selective, so I wanted to see what my chances are. Thanks.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA-3.86
English:33 Math:35 Reading:32 Science:30
Honors:Pre-calc, Chemistry, Biology
AP completed after senior year-
US History(5), European History(4), Physics, Calc AB(5) and BC(5), Language and Composition, Microeconomics, Statistics, Government and Politics.
ECs and Volunteer-
Piano for 9 years-2007 State contest winner
Red Cross blood drive and safetymobile volunteer-100 hours
TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Internship-50 hours
Club YES Volunteer-50 hours
Intramural Sports-4 years
DECA business club
Chinese club
Help my dad with his business
Job experience-Piano teacher</p>

<p>I think that you're aight, academically you're good. You've got some things related to business so you could pull it of. Just out of curiosity, what is your father's business?</p>

<p>Your numbers look fine....keep in mind that AEM is in CALS and so the adcom will also look to see that you fit with the CALS mission/curriculum.</p>

<p>dewdrop:I understand that Cornell is very fit oriented. I can effectively say that I fit the business area. But what do you mean by CALS mission/curriculum?</p>

<p>Simpleperson-my dad does architectural 3D rendering and things alike. I help him with some of the designs and client calls.</p>

<p>go to and specifically look at the graduation requirements</p>

<p>it's all laid out there</p>

<p>oh that I've seen. But I still don't understand what you mean..those are college just what courses I need to take to graduate, how can I "fit" with the curriculum when I'm only in high school?</p>

<p>^^Are you in a position where you can attend a CALS information session? They explain all of this...with more patience than I can.</p>