Chance me for Andover, Exeter, Lawrenceville, Hotchkiss, and Choate

Hi! I am a current 8th grader and am applying for ninth grade at various boarding schools. I am from Washington and go to a small K-8 private school. I really want to go to boarding school since 5th grade. I convinced my parents earlier this year to let me apply to boarding school.

Again, I’m applying to(in order of preference):

  • Andover
  • Exeter
  • Lawrenceville
  • Hotchkiss
  • Choate

Gender: Female
Race: Asian-American

SSAT: 95th percentile

  • Quantitative: 99th
  • Verbal: 96th
  • Reading: 70th
    Grades: my school does narrative reports so it’s a bit hard to tell where I stand but I would say I get As in every class and my teachers think well of me. I am taking advanced classes and am currently taking both Algebra II and Geometry at the same time.

They all went extremely well and a few of my interviewers even told my parents at the end that I would be a great fit and addition to the school.

Indian classical music: I have a little over 1 year of experience learning from an internationally-acclaimed singer. I am extremely committed to it and I practice an hour every day. I am also very passionate about singing in general.
Coding: I have been coding for 3 years and I know HTML and CSS, Javascript, Python, and I am currently learning Java. I absolutely love coding because I really like math and thinking logically. I hope to participate in coding competitions in high school.
Debate: I have been on my school’s debate team for 2 years and have won a couple of speaker awards at my local tournament. I have good public speaking skills and went undefeated at my last tournament.
Piano: I played for seven years and stopped a year ago to put more of my time into Indian classical music.
Community service: My family is part of a spiritual organization and I have been volunteering from a very young age.
Human values classes: I have been attending human values lessons for the past 5 years.
Note: I don’t play any competitive sports, so I’m wondering if that will hurt my application.

I took the SAT in 7th grade and achieved High Honors from CTY.
I took Honors Algebra I from CTY in 7th grade and got an A.
I won second best novice speaker out of over 100 people in 7th grade.
I won fifth best speaker at a recent tournament where more than 300 people competed.
I was one of 20 students chosen to go on a cultural learning trip to Rwanda.
I have been frequently chosen by my school’s admissions office to speak at events/panels and represent my school.

You seem well qualified but are applying to extremely selective schools so it is hard to say if you will be admitted, simply because there are so many well qualified candidates for two few slots. Best of luck for M10.