Chance me for Barnard Transfer

I’m a college freshman trying to transfer into Barnard for fall 2023. My intended major is chemistry, my current GPA is 3.84, and my SAT score is 1450. I got an LOR from my English professor. My current extracurriculars are weekly hospital volunteering, chemistry recitation leader, a student lounge volunteer at my honors college, and jazz band member. In high school, I did research, was in jazz band and chamber music, and I worked at a podiatrist clinic for 8 months.

Do you need FA?

If you’re planning a chem major you might consider an LOR from a professor in that department.

Transfer success often hinges on how well you explain why you want to transfer and what the new school can provide that your current school does not.

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Your secondary school record will be heavily considered as well, as will your reason for wanting to transfer into Barnard.

Being in an honors college implies that you are in a large(ish) university. Making the case that your current U doesn’t have a strong enough chem department / resources may be difficult. Is this a ‘trading up’ thing after a disappointing admissions round last year?

im not planning on applying for FA. my reasons for transferring are because 1) I want to study korean, which my current school doesn’t offer and 2) i want a liberal arts curriculum and I’m applying to barnard for their 4+1 program. do you think these are good enough reasons? they’re both valuable to me, but im not sure if that’s what the admissions is looking for.

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well, barnard is my 1st choice, but I was waitlisted so I guess so.