Chance me for BC please!!

<p>I have a 3.5 uw, 3.6w, 29th out of 200 in my class, have taken all honors or aps all of high school, my mom got her masters in education at BC and makes a small donation every year to the school, I got a 2030 on the SATs the first time I took them (CR:750, M:590, W:690) but that was w/out any preparation so I'm hoping to get a tutor and bring my math up and get a 2100+ when i retake them and hopefully boost my gpa a bit. I got a 760 on the literature subject test and a 720 us history and a five on my us history exam. I'm a white male who lives just outside of Boston. For ECs, im a rep on student council, tennis captain, editor on the school paper, a member of "link leaders" (a freshman orientation group), am a member of NHS, a member of Junior Statesmen of America, have a ton of community service, have lifeguarded since soph year and babysat since freshman. I have also attended several leadership conferences/scholarship programs that you have to be selected for. Please give me your honest opinion! Thanks!</p>