Chance me for bc?

<p>Freshmen year uw/w: 2.00 gpa, my brother had cancer so I missed alot of school, pretty much nothing else happened
Sophomore year: 3.75 gpa uw/w, won best biology student, best history student, best English student, played varsity tennis. Started a very well received comedy show on my schools bulletin, won a tri-county biology contest, volunteered for 30 hours at an aids food bank
Junior 3.85 uw, 4.3 w: took 3 APs and an accelerated, ran varsity cross country, v tennis, won best physics/ap bio student, most fluent Spanish student. was the ap ush representative for leadership, became a safe school ambassador (a bully fighting program), volunteered approx 100+ hours total at the free teen clinic.
That summer I took precalc and Spanish 3
Senior: 3.85 uw, 4.4 w: senior class president, 60 more hours at the teen clinic, a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua. Another year of cross country and tennis
Since sophomore year I’ve been a scholar athlete, and have continued my comedy show (the school actually gave me a period for it!)
2100 sat
I will be applying re, and my teacher recommendations are friggin stellar! What are my chances?</p>

<p>I recommend you write extensively about your freshman year situation, as I was in a similar position but had a higher GPA. Your SAT is great, and as long as you write great essays you should be able to have a decent shot despite your freshman GPA.</p>