Chance Me for Berea

White Male

Neither Parents Graduated High School if that’s a hook

Intending to double major Political Science/Communications

3.65 GPA Weighted (no clue what my unweighted is), somewhat lopsided grades with higher grades in the Humanities. My school refuses to weigh my Dual Enrollment English class I took sophomore year into my GPA, which I believe UMASS will so that should help me since I got an A+.

Have taken 4 AP classes so far, 1 sophomore year (APUSH with a score of 4) and AP SCA, AP Lang, and AP World right now. All other classes besides math classes have been Honors level Have taken 3 years of an Honors Language if that helps. Plan on taking AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, and AP Lit next year.

Score of 27 on the ACT, which I got in September of 2019. Beginning to study so I can bump it up to a 32+


2 Years working for the School Paper (10-11)

2 Years on the Science Team (9-10)

3 Years of Activities Committee (9-11)

3 Years in State YMCA Mock Government Program, currently poised to become 2nd highest position in the program next year. In addition, attended National Conference in 9th Grade and will again this year. (9-11)

Founding member of our schools DECA Chapter, moved onto States Conference twice and am currently Secretary of the Chapter. (10-11)

Was a lead in our schools play and the lead in our musical this year, went to a state competition for plays to showcase ours and compete and won a personal All-Star Cast Award for acting (11).

Part-time job (10-11)

My letters of recommendation should be pretty good. I have quite a few teachers that I have built solid relationships with and am confident would recommend me in high regard. In addition my relationship with my guidance counselor is extremely cordial, and he said he plans on mentioning my mental health struggles I have had throughout High School in his letter.

My personal essay/statement should be great, writing has always been one of my forte’s.