Chance me for Berkeley CS (L&S or COE?), I need your ideas

<p>Cal has my heart~
This is my first post on CC. Sorry that I don't know how to list the EC more</p>

<p>Current University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Major: CS and Math (Intended Transfer Major: CS)
Cumulative GPA: 3.9
Standard Exams: only TOEFL: 106 (what is the impact if I do not have SAT/ACT scores?)</p>

<p>EC: Organizing Committee Member of Peer Mentor Program supported by the university's Global Students and Programs Office,
Students' Union Executive Committee Member, Chinese Folk Art's Society Executive Committee Member
When I was engaged in the above 3 positions, I have participated in organizing 20+ functions(large or small) and was reponsible for promotion material (T-shirts,Videos,Posters,etc.)</p>

<p>Intern: J.P Morgan 1-year Placement in Hong Kong (related to my major: working in Chief Investment Office Tech Team)</p>

<p>Honor/Awards: Dean's List (4 semesters), university scholarship, national competition awards in HS
Recs: college professors, not famous</p>

<p>I have finished my sophomore year by this summer and is currently taking the 1-year placement. Therefore, I would like to apply as a transfer student of Fall 2011.
The most significant disadvantage may be that I can not fulfill all the prerequisite courses.(As a CS student in HKUST, I am not required to take any Chemistry or Biology Courses for graduation). But the good news is that I have already taken some upper division courses which are normally taken by junior students.</p>

<p>Another question is that is it a better choice to apply for CS in L&S instead of engineering? It seems that L&S is easier to get in.(is it the case?) I do love mathematics and would like to declare double major as what I did in my current university if possible. But I am not interested either humanities or social science. Could you please tell me what is the minimal number of courses I have to take other than CS and Math courses? </p>

<p>Plz kindly share your opinions. I really need you guys to help me identify the chance. THX~</p>

<p>Additional information: I have been a tutor for 2 computer courses and Mandarin tutor for a French family.</p>

<p>Please give me a shot. THX</p>

<p>Since you also want to be in Math, I would suggest you go for L&S. Yes it is "easier" to get in. the CS in EECS and CS are exactly the same. Don't let the B.A. degree fool you. I am just like you. I love Math as well. You need 60 UC Transferrable units to apply for transfer. If you need more additional information and more immediate answers, you can reach me on MSN, Skype, or AIM. Good luck!</p>

<p>MSN: <a href=""></a>
AIM: UrLocalCompuGeek
Skype: kevinliang91</p>

<p>@xcaliberse Thank you very much. I will add your MSN account as soon as I go back home after I finish my work~</p>

<p>Could you please tell me what is the minimal number of courses I have to take other than CS and Math courses if I am admitted in L&S? Or I have to take only courses in the following website?
Degree</a> Requirements-Summary of Degree Requirements</p>


<p>Although I know little regard to your case, but I will share the best I can. </p>

<p>First, we must admit: not finishing the prerequisite will hurt. But with the perpetuation of your current studying college, I think they will give a second thought. </p>

<p>The good news:
1 year of J.P. Morgan Internship is incredible, I consider, with 2 years of college life. You must carry some extreme talent, and by chance, if you can share with me that will be fabulous. </p>

<p>In terms of SAT, it is not really necessary, although of the exact answer I know not whether the application needs it. Go check it now, if they do, then take it. But worry not so much about it. </p>

Days ago, I had seen a post from a student, international, trying to apply to Hass Business school, which let me say he was perhaps the most talented person I have ever seen in my entire life: President of this, Vice-Prsident of that...But the competition was so great and because of California Master Plan, which gave priority for U.S. citizens, California residence, and transfer students from a community college, he was put I believe on waiting list, then accepted later. </p>

<p>And I greatly suggest you to see one recent post explain regard to UC transfer. "U.C. Transfer Guide" and watch out of your ECs. Many students have many of them, yet organized them poorly that caused at last doubt in the admission officer.</p>

Thank you for your kind suggestion. It seems transfer students are not required to submit SAT scores~<br>
When I want to search the post you mentioned (using "transfer guide" as keyword), I am not able to find it. Would you please provide me with the link? Thanks.</p>

<p>The transferability of courses from a foreign 4-year institution is a big problem and I think the upper division units that you have taken will not be in your favor as UCs prefer to admit students strictly at the junior level. Also I believe if you have taken courses exceeding a certain amount of units from a 4 year institution, that will automatically make you ineligible to apply to most UCs. You might want to research more about this. You actually have a better chance at private schools like Stanford, Duke, CMU, Cornell etc.</p>


<p>I have heard the news for it. But I still rise great doubt whether if this will counteract or actually give support. For remember once we are in high school and seeing many students going AP crazy, it is to my speculation it work in the same manner, although still, this is nothing but a prediction. </p>

<p>@Wingding, I went over, and I am really sorry that I cannot find the post either. </p>

<p>However, if there is any thing you wish me to help you, although I am now a student in Pasadena City College and is transferring to some UCs, and may one day become your classmate, sent me an email: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>I will try my best to help you. </p>

<p>But one last thing, anything happens my friend, anything people say, there are jerks here who wants to discourage your from the competition, don't give up. Do whatever you can, and hey, miracle will happen if you believe it.</p>

<p>Here are the requirements for CS (L&S):
ASSIST</a> Report: SFCITY 09-10 UCB Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>Once you complete those and have at least 60 units, you're set to transfer.</p>