Chance me for Berkeley?

<p>Hi, I'm brand new to the site and wanted to know what others on CC thought about my chances to my dream school.</p>

<p>UC GPA: 4.3
SAT: 2140 (740 CR, 710 W, 690 M)
SAT IIs: 670 literature, 700 math 2 (I realize these are terrible :( )</p>

<p>In-state, entering as a pure mathematics major</p>

<p>APs: Calculus AB (5), World History (5), English Language (4)</p>

<p>My senior schedule: AP Physics B, Honors Physiology, AP calculus BC, English, Economics/Government, and Peer Tutoring</p>

<p>80 hours in a selective medical internship
16 hours/week for 2 years as an assistant manager at my job
key club for 4 years
gay straight alliance club for 2 years </p>

<p>I am eligible in the local context.</p>

<p>good personal statements</p>

<p>Thanks for letting me know what you think my chances are! :)</p>

<p>Your stats are pretty good, but there are two main areas you need to work on (if you still have time; I'm assuming you're a junior?). The first is that your test scores really need to go up, especially the math ones because that's what you're majoring. 690 and 700 are quite low for a Berkeley math major, so definitely get those up to the high 700s, if not 800. </p>

<p>The other is that you need more extracurriculars, especially ones pertaining to your intended major. The internship and work experience are both very impressive, but you should consider doing some math competitions, etc. </p>

<p>If you improve your ECs and scores, you should have a decent shot!</p>

<p>I'm a senior, the application is already sent! I was planning on majoring in biology until my junior year, so I realize my math scores seem low. I got a 720 on my first SAT, but it went down when I took it again (but my writing and reading scores went up)</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply!</p>

<p>Good Chances. Nice scores. Nice.</p>

<p>You're stats are well within the range! If you showed passion and connected your ECs somehow to your major, I'd say you have a good shot. Being In-State will definitely help A LOT. </p>

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<p>Thanks asdfjklkj! Is being in state a factor anymore though what with the budget cuts and them looking to applicants from outside states?</p>

<p>I think you are right about in state not being an advantage.</p>

<p>bump for more replies</p>

<p>I'd say you have a pretty good shot at getting in. I have three math majors on my floor and they have pretty similar scores to you, except for the Math II. Your extracurriculars are great - certainly UCB material - but an important thing to remember is that admissions for Berkeley and any UC in general are going to be more test/score weighted than other schools; this is a product of the large applicant pool as well as other factors like admission policy/goals, etc. Good luck, and live in the Units if you enroll!</p>

<p>You have a pretty good chance. Being in CA helps for sure-- big time. I honestly don't think ECs matter too much as this is a UC college. Just increase your scores and you're good</p>