Chance me for Berkeley!

Rising Junior, Hispanic Male, Upper-Middle Class Area, not low income, California resident, Biology/Science major, top 10% in class of 750

Classes / Grades

Hon Alg II / A,A
Hon Eng I / A,A
Hon Bio / A,A
Spanish II / A,A
Health / A,A
P.E. / A,A

Hon Precalculus / B,A
Hon Eng II / A,B
AP Chemistry / B,B
P.E. / A,A
World History / A,A
Spanish III / A,A

AP Calculus BC B
U.S. History A
AP Language & Composition A
AP Physics 1 A
AP Spanish IV A
Digital Photo 1A A

AP Tests:
AP Chemisty - 4

Subject Tests:
Chemistry - 800

34, 8 Writing

ECs -
President of Biology for Breast Cancer Club (2 years)
Member of JSA (3 years)
Member of Science Olympiad (3 years)
Esprit de Wolverine Award-Health (Freshman year)
2nd place Essay Contest American Numismatics(coin collecting) Association (Sophomore year)
Member of American Numismatics Assocation (2 years)
Member of CSF(California Scholarship Federation) (3 years)
Member of NHS (2 years)
50 hours total volunteering (Cancer walk, Beach clean-up, food bank)

UC Capped: 4.06 I calculated 6 semesters of honors points, since I still have the second semester of my junior year coming up)
School Academic GPA: 4.46/3.81
10-12 GPA: 4.4/3.83