Chance me for Blair

Hi! My name is Alisa and I’m applying to Blair for sophomore year.

Some Basics:
I’m from NY-specifically Long Island
White (Russian Immigrant)

And these are my academic/extracurricular activities

• A majority of A’s (Couple high B’s)
• All Honors classes
• In Bio Seminar Program (Top 4% of grade)
• NLE silver win twice
• Bilingual (Russian, English)
• 5 years of experience in Latin
• NJHS two years in a row
• Honors roll 3 years straight
• Elected as Class Rep 3 years in a row (one of two people in the grade; is voted on by the student body)
• Part of Russian School of Mathematics for 9 years ( currently taking Advanced Pre Calc for grade ten) I’m in grade 9
• Placed 3rd place nationally in Kangaroo Math Comp (though it was some time ago)
• Debate
• Mocktrial ( two years)
• Newspaper
• Math Club (two years)
• Model UN
• Personally started a new club called Social and Political Philosophy (leader/founder)
• Been taking professional art classes for 9 years
• Proficient in painting, sketching, ceramics and art history
• Ballroom Dancing for 4 years- silver with occasional gold level ( won many competitions and never placed lower than 4th place)
• Choir for 3 years ( though I probably won’t continue it) got gold in Choir NYSSMA
• Volunteer at nursery for two years (every weekend)
• Student ambassador at charity called Birthday Wishes (a charity that works to assist children in homeless shelters and homeless kids all over Long Island) for two years; also only Student Ambassador from my school which has nearly 2,500 kids
• Raised over 500 gifts for Christmas last year for Birthday Wishes
• I take additional Essay Writing classes
• 7 years of experience in skiing (casual)
• Experience in volleyball(grew up with varsity players)


To be honest the essays that I wrote all seemed to turn out very well. I discussed my heritage, struggles of immigration, book I enjoy (specifically Gideon’s Trumpet which details the case of Gideon v. Wainwright which was the foundation of the 5th and 6th amendment), and what I would like to do in the future. ( I thought the book would be relevant since I discussed my interest in law)


I would need FA
I worry that I do not have enough achievements
The things that I talked about could be construed as basic
And I submitted my application a little late but the Admissions Office assured me that it was ok ( I’m still worried that they might take it as a lack of interest)

Thanks again if you can help.

Don’t stress it you have more than enough extracurriculars to back you up and all you have to do is strengthen your essays but I am confident you will be admitted to BA overall you are a well rounded student.


You’re saying that you don’t have enough achievements?! Then what am I??
Girl, you have a high chance of getting in. You’re very well rounded.

Bro she got like 300 ecs to back her up when I got like 5

IKR like I’m doomed lol. I literally only got 2 main ECs on my app with a few other ECS.

Loll thanks so much for the feedback