Chance me for boarding schools! (Exeter, St. Pauls, Deerfield, Berkshire, Brewster and more)

Hello, I’m an international’s student who is applying to boarding schools in the US this fall. The schools I am looking at are Phillips Exeter, St. Pauls, Deerfield, Berkshire, Brewster and a few others.

I am currently in grade 9 at an International school in Stockholm. Therefore I am going to apply for grade 10 entry fall 2021.

My grades converted to American grades are straight A’s except a B and a C that I am unable to improve until next term. My GPA is approximately 3.92.

I am a huge bookworm and usually read 2 books per week, but it varies from 1-3.

Dancing is one of my biggest passions and I have been doing it since I was 3 and I competed in disco dance for around 4 years.

I work at a nursing home as a leader for a team where I plan out activities for us to do with the elderly and I have more of an administrative position there.

I volunteer at my local church a lot at for example a klädbytardag (I think it’s jumble sale in English?) where I help organise but also donate clothes/toys for lower income families.

I am taking IGCSE math this year but won’t get the results until summer

I will partake in a one week language exchange to Germany with my school this spring.

On the CEF I got C2 and I have studied in English for three years so I’m fluent and have no problem understanding.

In Sweden there aren’t really any clubs/sports/competitions you can join in and my school gives out awards to 9th graders, and that is during graduation. We can’t study higher level classes either so I don’t really stand out that much

Is there a chance for me getting accepted?
I would appreciate advice for the SSAT’s, essays and interview as well!

I forgot to add that I will need financial aid.

Hi swedishstudent13! I’m an international applicant applying for grade 10 too. Your ECA seems pretty strong to me though I am not an expert. Have you taken your interview yet?
You should focus on your essays and interview.