Chance me For Brandeis/BC/Colby ED2

Hi guys, I am a troubled senior who just got waitlisted by NYU
Just looking for a place to be for next 4 years…
Looking for econ or political science major

Stats: SAT 1450=670 Eng+ 780 Math
No SAT 2
APs: Micro 5 Macro and AB 4, taking APUSH, Stats, physics(last year but didnt get a good AP score), Enviro, Eng Lang (3 last year) and Eng lit
GPA: 4.19/5.0, we dont do class rank but top 15-20%
TOEFL(because I am an international student)= 109= 26+30+28 (speaking)+25 (writ)

EC: president of Art club 3 yrs, co founder of magic club
track for 1 year but not varsity, MUN,
Harvard Econ Undergrad competition (no placement or ranking)
100+ volunteer at places for mentally disabled children
Boston Globe Art Award Honorable mention*2
yea my EC is very art based…

My essays are not bad, at least the Common APP personal Narrative is decent