Chance me for Brandeis

I’m a Junior

GPA: 3.2 I started badly but have really started to improve
ACT: Probably gonna get something from a 29-32
AP: I go to a small private school in NYC where they aren’t really offered.
My big thing is a soccer podcast called Footy For Two, I’ve produced over 80 episodes, have accumulated over 300,000 listens and have interviewed big names in the soccer world.
I’m going to be hosting my on show this summer on Copa90’s (a huge soccer media company) Youtube channel. For anyone who is not familiar with soccer, this is a huge deal!
I’ve interned for my local Councilperson, Helen Rosenthal, and am currently interning for Congressional candidate Max Rose.
Served at my synagogue’s soup kitchen (8-).
Volunteered for Dorot.
Lightswitch Learning published a book about me and achieving my goals with my podcast. It detailed my interesting and unique life and struggles.
I am a phenomenal writer, and in addition to being published on esteemed soccer websites such as Copa90 and World Soccer Talk, I am a good poet and am planning on turning in a manuscript of some of my writing (articles, independent essays, poetry, biographical writing) with my application.
I’ve played soccer since seventh grade.
I’ve tutored dyslexic children in reading.
I am a member of the Jewish Heritage Club at my school.

Essay: Expecting it to be stellar and unique

Letters of Recommendation: My English teacher’s will be phenomenal, my guidance counselor’s will be pretty good, and the president of the Penya FC Barcelona NYC (a local soccer fan club to which I belong), will be great.


White, Jewish New Yorker, won’t need financial aid and attends a private school.

Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know what you think of my chances and any other schools that could be good for me!

@Messi123 Since I was on this thread too for chancing, I decided I would chance yours! Great extracurriculars – I think your big hook is your soccer stuff and from what you say, it sounds really phenomenal. Your soccer podcasts will what makes you truly stand out from all your other EC’s. Sure, your GPA is a bit on the weak side but whatever you lack in GPA you make up for your awesome EC’s. Get a good score on that ACT; in fact, aim for a 31 if possible. Most important, however, stay committed to those unique EC’s!

I’m not sure how bad your GPA will be. However, your ECs show that you are an incredibly talented and unique person, which colleges like. Considering you did unique and varied ECs, it’s likely that you will get in simply because you look like such a unique candidate. However, work on that ACT and GPA, and you’ll DEFINITELY get in.