Chance me for Brown :D Merry Christmas

<p>SAT 2300
SAT2 Maths 790 Eng Lit 710</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Korean
Living in Vietnam, going to a British International School
IB: 41/45(Predicted)-7 for Maths HL, 6 for Physics HL, 6 for Econ HL, 7 for French SL, 6 for English SL, 6 for Psychology SL. 3 Bonus points for TOK/EE</p>

<p>Form Representative(Equivalent of Student Council)
Member of the Senior Prefect Team
Chair of Finance
Member of two soccer teams(One for the school and another local team)
Went to Yale Ivy Scholars Program Global Leaders over the summer
Co-Founder of student led non profit volunteer organization, regularly goes to cancer hospitals and orphanages. Also does fundraisers
Vice President of School MUN Team.
Played Piano since I was 9, flute since I was 13.
Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership-it’s a qualification that allows me to teach sports in the UK.</p>

<p>Applying to Brown and pretty much all the Ivies +Chicago and Duke, please chance me :smiley:
Merry Christmas!</p>

<p>Your scores are fine. I just hope you're not applying to Brown because it's an Ivy, which really seems like what you're doing. What are you planning to concentrate in?</p>

<p>haha i see what you mean-my school list does give that impression, but I'm applying to brown because I really love its liberal curriculum. As for the other ivies, I don't know if I'm being wildly optimistic but I'm genuinely attracted to each school for a specific reason, eg. Columbia for its core curriculum and NYC, duke for its great progressive nature and great people(not just academically, but in so many other ways). My Top 3, though, are probably Yale, Brown and Duke haha.
With Brown's unique grading system and its concentration system, I really feel I could construct my own course of academic study.
I want to concentrate in international relations, perhaps a double concentration in econ and intl relations :D</p>