Chance me for Brown ED (be brutally honest)

<p>UW GPA:3.90
W GPA:4.49</p>

<p>SAT: 2270</p>


Cross Country Junior Varsity runner. Attended every practice and helped organize team fundraisers. 9-12 2/8 Junior Varsity</p>

<p>Winter Track Junior Varsity runner. Attended every practice and helped organize team fundraisers. 9-12 2/8
Junior Varsity</p>

<p>Spring Track Junior Varsity runner. Attended every practice and helped organize team fundraisers. 9-12 2/8 Junior Varsity</p>

<p>Chess Club and club at library
President. Led practices and organized tournaments and fundraisers. Founded club in library and I have been teaching kids there. 9-12 4/52 President. Club tournament champion.</p>

<p>FBLA and economics club at library
Treasurer in FBLA sophomore year. The club got cut due to budget so I started an economics club at the library where I teach people about economics 9-12 4/52 Treasurer of FBLA. Founder of economics Club</p>

<p>Relay for life Founder of a team in Relay for life. Organized fundraisers. 11-12 1/52 Founder of team.</p>

<p>Helping Hands Foundation
Founder of helping hands foundation which raises money for charity. There are several members 11-12 2/52 Founder/President.</p>

<p>Math Club
Participated in the Princeton Math Contest. Did math leagues 9-12 1/26 Active Member.</p>

<p>Brutal honesty?
Scores are totally in a great range. It's awesome that you've been involved in the same sports all 4 years, but I kind of would have expected leadership there. ECs otherwise are pretty decent but not extraordinary.
What are you looking to major in? Why Brown?</p>

<p>I'm going to be a math major/pre-med. I'm applying to brown and brown plme. I like brown because it has an open curriculum and I can take the classes i want to take. this is not the case in other ivies like columbia.</p>

<p>no chance for plme (no really outstanding science ecs) but you have the average stats and ecs for the ivies, so you do stand a fair chance</p>

<p>You look really well qualified, but it all depends on the recs and essays at this point and even then nothing is for sure! I'm applying ED too! Good luck!</p>

<p>You'll get accepted. I agree with the other posters on plme. Trust the statistics on plme.</p>


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I want to get into the plme so badly!!!!
My sat scores are pretty bad, but i hope my CV will cover for thAT can anyone chance me....</p>

<p>Top 5 percent in my class, a 4.0 GPA
AP chem
AP calc BC
AP biology
AP Physics
AP english and comp
AP world
AP us
AP gov
SUPA-Syracuse university Project Advance English
Physics at Farmingdale State college
Pre calc in suffolk community college-(in order to take ap calc bc in 11th grade)
Independent science research- college level
Statistics at stony brook university</p>

<p>I am doing intel- did it on colon cancer in Albert Einstein College of Medicine
I serve on an advisory board for a Congressman in my area
I am in the National honor society
National Art honor society
National Thespian honor society
i am also did colorguard for three years..
I did over in three years 400 hours of volunteering at various hospital in various area
this is just some of the things i have done...i also did shadowing, involved in the drama</p>

<p>However this is my SATS
740 on math
650 on writing reading
i know that sucks
but i did get a 30 on my reading portion of my ACT</p>

<p>The reason for suckish score is that english is my 4th language
then english
after english i took latin</p>

<p>but i grew up in an area where it was heavily spanish so i grew up learning and speaking spanish when i was young and when i move to NY when i was in 6th grade that is when i learned english......
but that did not stop me from pushing myself into Ap english and college level english scores where i currently hold As in those classes</p>

<p>My hope is brown will understand my background and look over my critical reading score what do you think....</p>

<p>sierrapassion, please make your own thread and stop piggybacking off of others.</p>