Chance me for Brown ED?

Hey guys! I am thinking of applying ED to Brown but feel as if I won’t be very competitive. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Demographics: Male White Latino


Top 5 Public High School in State

Does not rank

Intended Major(s): Physics/Biophysics (Med School after for radiology?)

SAT: 1530 (790 M 740 R)

GPA: 4.4 W, 3.9 UW (+1.0 for AP or Honors class)

Coursework: Took 8 APs out of 16 offered at school → AP Bio, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB, AP Envi, AP Psych, AP Gov, APUSH


University Book Award: Given to an outstanding junior who ranks in the top ten percent of their class, demonstrates strong leadership potential and commitment to extracurricular involvement and community service.

Varsity E-sports Team finished 1st place in the State league

AP Scholar

RPI Medal: One selected student who has distinguished themselves in mathematics and science for 120k scholarship


State-led Internship: Applied for a competitive internship led by the state. Gained position of CIO and managed a cohort of peers in a corporation-like setting. My team built a prototype for a business sponsor

Varsity Esports team: President of Esports team. Undefeated in the 2020 season and placed #1 in the state league. Recognized as a varsity sport by the official state sports league.

OperationSmile: I organize community service projects for my school’s operation smile chapter- an organization committed to raising funds for children born with cleft lips.

Research Paper: Currently preparing to write a physics paper and hopefully get it published by December

Online Shadowing: Signing up to shadow a doctor online/in person soon

Tutor: I have volunteered myself as a tutor for 3 kids from the local Middle School

Cancer Club: A member of a club centered around raising awareness and fundraising for childhood cancer

HOSA: Participated in state competitions

Math Team: Participated in-state high school league for 4 years

High School Democrats: Participated in my local HSD where we would organize voting registration, local protest, and petitions.

NHS: Community service involvement and tutoring

Essays: Writing an essay on my experience with my sister’s cancer which led me to become heavily passionate about STEM and about helping others (shown in my extracurriculars)

It’s worth a shot. So you have $30k a year at RPI ?

Just make sure you 100% want Brown. Probably not strong odds but you’re certainly a wonderful candidate.

I would not apply ED. Their website says you get an earlier decision but not any difference in how they make their decision.

So other than being done if you get in, there appears to be no advantage. Others may disagree but that’s what they write.

Its worth an application - and give it your all - but Brown should be considered a reach for any unhooked applicant.

I suggest you only apply ED if: 1) Brown is your absolute top choice AND 2) the college appears affordable per the net price calculator and your family has no desire/need to compare financial offers between colleges.

I think you have too many extracurricular activities. I think you should limit to 4-5 activities that you spent most time and the activities that may relate to your major.
I learned that the reviewers will raised red flags to students with too many extracurricular activities. They just can’t imagine how students can handle their time beside homework. Not sure if it is true…

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You have done a lot of good work but as others have noted lots of ECs but you need to show greater depth and meaning…

As an example with Op Smile AOs will likely see candidates that have gone on missions and supported patients and family of those undergoing procedures, keynote presenters at annual conference, spoken and mentored on leadership trips, provided educational services internationally or served in national leadership roles. Some kids will have done all of the above with OP Smile.

I recognize Covid may have limited these opportunities so I apologize if I am wrong. I am trying to help you differentiate participation from adding value.

I would pick those activities that you can show a meaningful impact and describe your contribution and motivation in a material way. Best way to find those is focus on the ones you enjoy and feel inspired by.

A mile deep and a yard wide is better then a huge shallow puddle. :grinning:

Good luck you seem like a solid candidate.

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Assuming you will be checking a box describing yourself as latino (not white), I think you have an ok chance. Not bad, for an ivy. Still a reach, but I will not be shocked if you get in.

3.9 UW (+1.0 for AP or Honors class) - if this means you are really a 3.8 or have more than a B or 2, that’s a different story.

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I think you have a great shot at Brown. It’s a super reach for anyone who have your stats and ECs or even greater. Just keep that in mind and a great attitude, knowing that you will succeed anywhere you go.

I disagree with others that you have too many activities. You can list them all and talk about the meaningful work (stick with meaningful work vs. just a laundry list where you’re just a participant). It shows you’re well-rounded. Brown has 3 supplemental essays, if I remember correctly from my son’s app. Just make sure you highlight insights about you, how you’re a great match for Brown, and most importantly, what you will do to contribute to the Brown community. You can pick a select few examples from your ECs to go deeper in the supplemental if they’re relevant. Brown looks for excellent students who can excel in the classroom and outside the classroom. Aside from that (and if my S21 is an example, as well as friends he’s met this year), I think they’re looking for certain type of students who are quirky, out-of-the-box, creative, push-the-envelope type of a personality to fill up their classes. You definitely don’t have to be the number one person in the world for a competition or cured cancer. From talking to students who have gone there for a few years, alums, first years to the admins/AOs talking to us parents, I feel like they place a great emphasis on the unique, authentic personality of the students.

Best wishes!! You should be very proud of your accomplishments to-date.


Thanks for the feedback! I believe I am going to follow a Premed track but do a bachelors degree in physics. What should I be catering my application to, my physics major or my premed track?

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Is the supplement you are referring to “Brown students care deeply about their work and the world around them. Students find contentment, satisfaction, and meaning in daily interactions and major discoveries. Whether big or small, mundane or spectacular, tell us about something that brings you joy.” Is it advised to talk about an extracurricular for this essay?

@ChicoG I saw you ask the question earlier if you should talk about premed or physics. I think you could share your future goals (doctor) but also talk about physics as a concentration you’re passionate about. Physics probably has 12-14 classes required. Premed has 10-12 and three of them will def (calc, physics) overlap with Physics so you’ll have the balance of the 32 classes (each class = 1 unit and you take about 4 per semester and need 32 to graduate) to explore. That’s about 8-9 classes to take in whatever you want. It’s okay to be undecided and maybe change your mind. Brown is all about discovery and pursuing your passion or pivoting. Don’t feel like you have to pick one path to talk about. If it makes sense to talk both, it’s ok.

In regards to your direct question to me, I was referring in general how to frame your essay for all of the essays. Brown ultimately wants to learn about you to see how you fit within the community they are trying to build each year. If you want to talk about an EC, that’s the perfect time to use it to talk in depth for that supplemental essay.

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Ed acceptance is way higher for Brown than Rd. They publish the stats.

Those stats are deceptive because they are skewed by the hooked applicants who have a much higher than average acceptance rate. If you were to back out the recruited athletes, legacies, students coming from programs like Questbridge, etc then the ED “advantage” reduces and even goes away at some schools. @Mwfan1921 did you do the numbers for Brown?


For Class of 2025 brown accepted 885 of 5540 (16%) applicants.

I haven’t run the numbers but you are right that the ED acceptance rate after accounting for about 225 recruited athletes (many of which go thru ED), 45 QB students (all ED), legacies, donors, and URMs, you will see a lower than 16% acceptance rate for unhooked applicants.


You will be reporting both your ethnicity (Hispanic) and race (white). Brown talks a lot about HUGS (historically underrepresented groups), and I don’t think you are a HUG because of your race, so I don’t think you will have a hook. That being said, I think your ethnicity will help, and your gender will help too since Brown gets many more female applicants.

Update: I was accepted ED to Brown. Let me know if you guys have any questions!


Congratulations!!! You have several parents of Brown students who responded to you up thread. I am sure we offer a collective GO BRUNO, and best of luck. If any of us can offer any support to you or your parents please ask.

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