Chance Me for Brown ED

Demographics: Hispanic male, East Coast somewhat competitive public HS

Hooks: Hispanic, Niche major (?)

Intended Major: Linguistics, Francophone Studies for those who don’t offer it

GPA/Rank/Test Scores: 4.0 UW (93 and up), 102.3W (ik our GPA system is weird), no rank, 35ACT

Coursework: 12 APs - APWH (5), APUSH (5), AP Spanish Lang (5), AP English Lang (5), AP Chem (4), AP Calc AB (5), AP Comp Gov, AP Spanish Lit, AP English Lit, AP Bio, AP Stats, AP French Lang

Notes of interest: I took two languages (Spanish and French) and didn’t take Physics (hope that isn’t a big deal)


City community volunteer award

AAPL French and Spanish proficiency tests

National Hispanic Scholar

AP Scholar w/ Distinction

Spanish Heritage Program Diploma


  1. Led a community youth group that taught immigrants in the community English (managed roughly 50 volunteers and 50 students) - 4yrs
  2. Spanish Heritage Program (going to be vague but run by the Spanish government and teachers from Spain would give class once a week) - 4yrs
  3. President of the Linguistics Club at my school (we competed in NACLO and covered new languages each week) - member 2 yrs, president 1 yr
  4. Intern at Native language revitalization organization (documented and restored info about midwestern Native American languages) - summer 2022
  5. Taught English at a kids camp in Spain - 3yrs
  6. Set up and ran the school geography bee - 4yrs
  7. Chaperone for middle school trip to Costa Rica (served as a translator and guide) - 1yr
  8. V Track and Field - 4yrs
  9. JV Soccer - 2yrs
  10. Winter track - 2yrs


AP French teacher and Honors French teacher - combined letter from both of them, they’re both family friends and I’ve known them for years before HS. I had a great relationship w/ them and I think it will be good - 9/10

AP Chem teacher - I had a good relationship with her but nothing special. I just needed a STEM letter but I hope it’s good enough - 6/10

Counselor - I mean she knows who I am and we’ve had several conversations but again nothing special and I think more than anything it will go down to her writing ability (4/10)

CommonApp Essay - I have a really good feeling about this one. I think I told a unique story about my interests and how my family background led me to find my passions.


Brown ED, BC (legacy), URI, Case Western, Yale, URochester, Providence College, Amherst, UMass Amherst, Furman, Kalamazoo

For context, had you applied to colleges last year when this topic was current: Chance Me: Hispanic, Linguistics Major?

I think you can figure it out. Brown, Yale and Amherst will be tough. But why not you? Great record. BC is not a slam dunk but I can see it. Why Case for that major ?

You’ll be fine with this list. I’ve read from others UMASS is strong in the major.

Good luck.

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Congratulations on your achievements. I suspect you will be a very competitive candidate at every school you apply to.
You will have a better-than-average shot at Brown. Brown’s overall acceptance rate is below 8%. So NOBODY has a 50%+ chance. But your chances are definitely better than 8%, especially early decision.

Your list is pretty balanced… A school like U Rochester is a pretty good match. U Mass Amherst is pretty much a “likely.”

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The ED acceptance rate is not representative of what an unhooked applicant will experience although the odds will be some what higher than the 3.5% RD rate.

Good luck once again (you posted last December). Have you now moved to RI from CT? You are a competitive candidate your essays and LOR will matter.