Chance me for Brown PLME (8 year med program)


You are asking to be chanced for a school and program that is an unlikely reach for every single applicant. Many more super qualified applicants get rejected than accepted every year simply because of size/space limitations. It’s not because they did something wrong, something was missing from their application, or even because someone else was better. Your odds are slim, just like everyone else, but you have no chance if you don’t apply at all. Apply if you want but be prepared with affordable backup options.

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Yes for sure I totally get that! I do have a fair amount of backup options, but thank you!

You will be an extremely competitive candidate. Your accomplishments are very impressive and your application will get you strong consideration.

Impossible to handicap your “chances” given ultimately you will likely wind up in a smaller pool of “perfect” candidates among which Brown will have to make very tough decisions based on very subtle differences (some not within your control).

You have put yourself in a very strong position to be a viable candidate. Good luck!!

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Your chances are slim, but not because you aren’t a strong candidate - you are. The program admits fewer than 100 students so it is a high reach for every single applicant. Definitely apply, but make sure you apply to other schools that aren’t as ultra selective so you have good choices in the event that this program doesn’t come through.

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Yes definitely it’s extremely competitive so just have to hope for the best

Can you self-calculate the unweighted GPA? (A = 4.0; B= 3.0, etc). Its a trivial thing for the colleges to do themselves. But it helps give context to your relative performance.

I know your HS doesn’t rank, but if you had to estimate, which decile would you fall in? The colleges can usually figure this out, and has a big impact on your chances.

Do you need financial aid?

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I think you have as good a chance as anyone. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.