Chance me for Brown, Tufts, UNC-CH, Berkeley, and Duke

First time poster here with some questions about chances at schools next year when I start applying! Sorry if I mess up format or forget to include something. I guess I’ll just give a profile with scores and activities, and you guys can comment? I would love chances, alternate matches/suggestions, and also what scores to send.

Race: White
Gender: Male
Income: <50k
High School: Diverse public, with lots of APs
GPA: Weighted 4.74, Unweighted 3.8
PSAT- 216 (commended NM Scholar, will find out about SF + F I think in September.)
SAT I: 2180 (planning to take it again) 800:CR 690:Math 690:Writing
ACT: 34
SAT II: 750 English, 660 Bio, 700 USH
AP Scores: USH-5, Lang-5, Bio-4, Stats-3, Art History-3
Senior Year- Planning to take lots of APs (>4)
Class Rank- 5-10% in class of 325

Music: Played violin for 10 years (5-15) at a high level, involved in orchestras, chamber groups, and solo performances. Attended two summers of music camps in middle school
Piano played for 6 years (11-17) at a very advanced level. attended the Brevard Summer Music Festival studying with well-known professors, won one concerto competition, and 3rd in another. Studying advanced repertoire including Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, and Beethoven Waldstein 3rd. Mvmt. Also chamber music, orchestra, and solo performance.
(Probably one of my biggest passions/dedication in terms of time. Hours of practicing per day, but I don’t want to just major in music/go to a conservatory)

Debate: Public forum debate for all 4 years. NFL a lot of points. 300-500??, Selected for national tournaments from the current top ranked school in Harvard cumulative rankings, went to Catholic Forensic League Nationals, have won 4 trophies, and coached the next generations of debaters in our school.

NHS (blah blah)

NC Governor’s School 2015

I’m really looking for a 5,000-10,000 school, with good Music Performance (Piano) and International Relations programs. I have a sister at Brown with a 4.0 gpa (3rd year), so would that affect my chances there? Any other suggestions of schools that fit what I would want?

Thanks so much in advance, and I hope this is everything you guys need to help me out with!

Are you aware that the University of California schools including Berkeley do not offer any significant financial aid to help with the out of state portion of the tuition, which is an additional 24K?

Obviously this is just anecdotal but my D was a PF’er and her debate partner got into Tufts ED (Class of 2019) with slightly weaker stats but strong EC’s. AFAIK they have a strong IR dept but I’m not familiar with the music dept.

If your major isn’t engineering related, you have a really good chance at Berkeley. Duke, Brown are reaches due to your GPA. UNC is probably a good match for you.

I’m bumping for some other opinions, thanks for everything so far! I welcome other suggestions as well!