Chance me for Brown?

<p>hey! one of my first posts on this website. it would be great to be chanced for Brown? currently going to an all-girls private school in ontario, canada as a junior</p>

<p>gender: female</p>

<p>ethnicity: east indian</p>

<p>also identify as lgbt+</p>

<p>desired field of study: either astrophysics, or pre-med</p>

-94% average overall so far
-two AP courses offered at my school, will be taking them both
-current courses include functions, AP english, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, french, & music
-either top or second to top student in my grade
-haven’t taken any tests yet, but I plan on taking the SATs, two SAT subject tests, and possibly the ACT? is the ACT a good idea?</p>

-debated individually at the national level this year. head of my team, won several competitions, going to provincials next month
-lead oboe in my school band? chamber choir. have played classical piano for 11 years, doing my grade 8 RCM exam in january
-in the inaugural stages of starting a family charity to fund the education of children in india
-head coach for my school’s KLQ team
-writer for the school newspaper
-house head at my school/member of the athletics and spirit council
-FRC robotics
-did an astrophysics & cosmology course at Brown this summer
-MVP at the Michael J Fox Foundation
-90 volunteer hours
-co-founder of Pennies for Parkinson’s, a Canadian fundraising endeavour
-going to have an article I wrote printed in a medical journal soon; excited!
-nominated for and attended Ontario Educational Leadership Camp twice
-head of the STEM club
-6 years of acting & directing experience in theatre over 12 productions
-have done several and will continue to do talks across the country on Parkinson’s disease, and how to handle it in family situations</p>

<p>that’s about it for ECs I think?</p>

<p>also won’t qualify for financial aid</p>

<p>what are my chances right now to get into Brown? how much should i raise my average by? how can I round/fill up my EC section? should i ED?</p>

<p>and also, with all this, what do I need to score MINIMUM on all the aforementioned tests?</p>

<p>thanks for reading!</p>

<p>just my two cents… im only a hs senior, so im my opinion isnt very well refined lol</p>

<p>GREAT EC’s, really, you put me to shame. Really, really well done. That alone puts you at an advantage. </p>

<p>Your coursework is a bit lacking, but so long as its “most rigourous”, it may be ok (probs)</p>

<p>see if you can get your average 1 point or 2 up, or if you can get to the top 1 or 2%.</p>

<p>and try for a 2200+ SAT and 750+ sat IIs, and you should have a really solid chance.</p>

<p>if you want,
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<p>woops sorry, top 5% should more than suffice, sorry if I sound a bit hypocritical, my own credentials arent any where as close. :((</p>

hey, thanks so much for the reply! this is a late one on my part haha

how do you think i can get my coursework up to par?

and i’m so sorry, but i dont think i know nearly enough to chance you :confused: