Chance me for Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Bowdoin, Emory, and Middlebury

I didn’t get to do interviews with these schools.
Here’s my stats/ ec’s, let me know if I forgot anything or if you want more info. I go to a fairly competitive high school.
GPA: 4.2 weighted, 3.97 unweighted
ACT: 31 composite (submitting to all of these schools because it hits near 50% for the test-optional ones.)
AP Exam Scores: 5 on psych, 5 on macro, 4 on lang, 4 on micro
I’m currently taking AP Enviro and AP Stats and will take AP Exams for both.

I am planning on double majoring in nutrition or the closest health major and public policy, depending on what’s available at the school. For a lot of them, I would design my own major.

President of my class HOSA chapter (Future Health Professionals)
Vice-Chair of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board (Work with the Mayor, City Council, travel to DC to meet with Senators and members of Congress)
Youth representative and secretary for the cities Downtown Association (first youth member on this board)
Youth representative for the cities Committee for Community Involvement (first and only youth member on this board)
Team Captain of the Speech and Debate team and student coach for five events. I am apart of the Speech and Debate Honor Society and have earned Honorable Distinction (a high honor in Speech and Debate)
Here are some of my more notable awards from Speech and Debate:
Yale Quarterfinalist in Program Oral Interpretation
Top 16 in Dual Interpretation at the Tournament of Champions
Qualifier in Dramatic Interpretation to the Tournament of Champions
National Qualifier in Program Oral Interpretation
State Finalist in Program Oral Interpretation
State Runner-up in Prose Speech
First place in Prose Speech at the University of Oregon
First place in Dual Interpretation at the University of Oregon
Second place in Program Oral
Interpretation at the University of Oregon
Third place in Dramatic
Interpretation at the University of Oregon
Third Place in Dual Interpretation at the University of Puget Sound
Individual Speech Sweepstakes at McMinnville Invitational

Volunteering at a variety of community events, blood drives, health screenings, public health events, etc.
I volunteer with HomePlate Youth Services and Family Promise.
I am job-shadowing a researcher at the Oregon National Primate Center.
I am assisting in lab work for research on the endocrinology of stress as well as infertility.

Other Awards include Honor Roll all four years, Academic All-American, and AP Scholar with honor. I am on track to earn the ‘scholar’ distinction at my school and will have completed the Enviro. Science pathway and the Law pathway at my school.

I have strong letters of rec from my speech and debate coach, Mayor, a doctor I have shadowed and teachers I have a strong standing with.

No one can accurately chance you as so much of what we don’t know will be important in the admissions decision…whether you have any hooks (URM, low SES, legacy, first gen), your essays, LoRs, how much of the classes were filled in early rounds, what the institutional needs are, etc.

Broadly categorizing these schools…Bryn Mawr is a target, the rest are reaches. I would pay close attention to the guidelines for each of these school’s LoRs. Some may not accept, nor appreciate, LoRs from non-teachers such as your debate coach, mayor, and shadowing doctor. Talk to your GC about this.

Have you been accepted, denied, or deferred anywhere yet?

I don’t have legacy to any of these schools, nor am I first-gen, low-income or anything like that. I have LoR from an English teacher I had for two years who thinks very highly of me both academically and in terms of aptitude and work ethic, as well as a science teacher that I had for anatomy and physiology (a course related to my major) who I had a very good connection with. I have checked with all the schools and I am using some combination of the letter of recs that fit them best. Thank you for the input!

Hello there! I was recently admitted to Bryn Mawr via ED I. As far as stats/testing goes, I noticed we have a very similar report (31 comp ACT, high GPA, 4’s/5’s on all AP exams, + rigorous course load), so, from my experience, you are what BMC wants to see in this regard. The rest will most likely be determined by your recs, which seem to be of high caliber, and your essays. It is difficult to determine admission for schools such as Bryn Mawr with their holistic approach, but you certainly have a compelling record for any school you are choosing to apply to. I wish you the best of luck in your college journey and hope that this helped in some way. If you have any specific questions regarding my app, why I chose BMC, or anything along those lines, feel free to message me!

Congratulations @danascurry !! Thank you for your response! If you don’t mind me asking, what major did you apply under and have you heard about financial aid/scholarship packages yet?