Chance me for Bryn Mawr

State: TX

GPA: weighted- 100.469 out of ? (no B’s over 4 years, but my freshman GPA hurt me)

Not sending in my test scores

Class rank: 11 out of 243


Freshman Year: Honors Biology, Honors English, Honors Geometry (one year ahead in math; took Honors Algebra in 8th grade), Drafting, Spanish 1 & 2 (tested out), Professional Communication, Honors World Geography, Health
Sophomore Year: Honors Algebra 2, Drafting 2, Business Informative Management, Honors Chemistry, Debate, Honors English, Honors World History
Junior Year: Accounting, Drafting 3, Calculus, AP English, Honors Physics, Honors Pre-Cal, Dual Credit US History
Senior Year (what I am currently taking): Drafting 4, Honors Anatomy, Dual Credit College Algebra, Dual Credit Statistics, Economics, Dual Credit English, Dual Credit Music Appreciation, Dual Credit Government

Will graduate with 28 hours of college; my school does not offer many options for those who do not pursue the medical field :frowning:

AP exam for English: 2
Planning to explain this score since everyone who took the exam was interrupted multiple times by the principal and the senior prank was going on. (Multiple screams in the hall)


Anchor Club: 10-Present (Junior Rep, 11 and Secretary, 12)
La Bamba: 11-Present (President)
National Honors Society (11-Present)
Peer Advocates for Special Students (10-Present)
Science Club: 10-12 (Treasurer 11, 12)
UIL Academics: 9-Present
More than 200 hours of volunteering in my community
In a Social Acceptance Organization

Awards, Honors:

Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist
Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Student of the Month (Only awarded to Seniors)
2-Year UIL Regional Qualifier
3-Year High School All A’s Honor Roll
2019 UIL District Computer Apps. Champion

Job: Babysitter, 30-35 hours a week only over the summer, freshman year-present
Occasionally babysit in my community throughout the year


I am a first-gen American and will be a first-gen college student. I live in a city that is predominantly low income (73% of students on free lunch).

Planning to major in Mechanical Engineering

I have a scheduled Skype Interview

Well, Bryn Mawr doesn’t have any engineering majors for one thing

I understand. I forgot to mention I would want to do the Columbia 3+2 Program. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

not sure how much my opinion matters to you as I’m also applying to BMC this year as a high school student, but you sound like a very impressive applicant and the kind of person BMC looks for. i’d be surprised if you didn’t get at least waitlisted. good luck!