Chance me for BS/MD Programs

Currently in junior year at a public school.

GPA weighted - 5.567
GPA unweighted - 3.97
Rank 11/635 at a highly competitive school

APs - Completed in sophomore year
Physics 1 and World History (4)

Currently taking the following APs in Junior year
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
AP Capstone Seminar
AP US History
AP Language and Arts
AP Computer Principles

Extra curricular

Danced for last 11 years. Currently member of a dance company and has performed in lead roles in multiple productions
DECA - Last 3 years - Historian in 10th grade, CFO in 11th grade
FPS - Last 3 years. No leadership positions.
NEHS, NHS, National Spanish Honor Society - Member for the past 2 years.
Interact - Last 3 years - Secretary in 9th grade, Treasurer in 10th grade, Now Vice president
Founder and President of Love your body. We do health awareness programs in local libraries and day cares for the past 6 years.


  • Congressional gold award
  • Presidential award for last 3 years
  • Hospital (140 hours) which includes working in a charity clinic locally
  • Worked at shelters during harvey and as a coordinator (80 hours)
  • Worked in multiple adoption centers, senior centers etc - Total hours 400+


  • DECA - State 1st in 9th and 10th. Went to International in 10th
  • FPA - State 3rd in 10th and went to International. Placed in top 15
  • Bronze medal for Spanish level 3 exam


  • I did a research at a big name hospital last summer. Didn’t get any paper published.

I want to become a doctor and go into BS/MD programs. What are my chances and what colleges do I have a better chance?

Thank you for your replies.

which BS/MD programs are you looking at?

My first preference is Texas. I am looking at Rice/Baylor, Baylor/Baylor, and UOH/Mcgovern. Outside Texas, my preference is Penn state, Boston and George Washington. If you think all these colleges are out of my reach, I am open to recommendations.


  1. No one can predict the admission and it is a futile. You have equal chance like any one and you have a compelling resume like others.
  2. You need to do well in test SAT/ACT.
  3. It is good you are focusing in Texas, that is a wonderful state to be in for Medicine school.
  4. Also you need to consider your financial situation. For example, even if you get BU, rarely they give aid if you are selected for BS/MD. So you need to shell out close to $500k for 7 years. Your finance situation may determine which schools you want to apply for BS/MD.
  5. Since you are in TX, you can check out to your neighbor OK and see if you are interested in OU or Tulsa BA/MD programs. Both schools give very decent aid for National Merit Scholars.

Thanks a lot both of you for your replies. I will look at OK BS/MD programs as well

Personally the Brown and University of Pittsburgh programs are pretty good. Brown’s just in general awesome (finaid is a bit rough though), and Pittsburgh med and undergrad are pretty good. Also, Pittsburgh undergrad scholarships are determined separately from the GAP medical school guarantee so you could end up having a paid for undergrad + early med school acceptance to a great med school. I personally wish I applied to Pittsburgh’s GAP program

Your stats are great! As others mentioned, your SAT/ACT scores will be very important. In addition, make sure you have physician shadowing - not just volunteering in a hospital at the front desk - that you can talk about in your essays/interviews.

Absolutely important to apply widely as most programs have a limited number of spots. Scholarships are hard to come by, but there are people who do get full merit rides with BA/MD programs each year that I know personally (including at BU), so be sure to plan ahead and complete scholarship applications (for schools where there is a separate scholarship application) in addition to the regular applications to give you the best shot at both!

Thanks for your replies. I got a 1490 is SAT. Not sure if it is enough for these programs. Should I take ACT?

@houstongal That is fine. Rather than taking SAT again, would suggest to try ACT, especially if you are good at subjects. In general noticed some kids are good at ACT. It is not a must but if time permits and if you are ok to give it a try, go for it.

Thanks @GoldenRock . I will go ahead and attempt ACT once. I got a perfect score in math and writing portion of SAT but lost a lot in reading. I have been giving practice ACT tests. I am struggling the reading section there too. Accuracy is good, but I am unable to finish. Any suggestions?

@Whatdoyouthink - do U think I have chances at GAP. I thought my stats were not sufficient for it.

@theperfectmed1 , Doctors at the clinic do not let us inside the procedure room unless we are 18. So, this year I have been trying to get involved with the medical chart inputs, but it is no way near the shadowing experience everyone talks about. I love the work at charity clinic. Should I approach another clinic for shadowing?

@houstongal - Unfortunately, I hear that from a lot of students (re: not letting students in until they are age 18). That policy is not universal and I would recommend that you keep contacting doctors (doesn’t matter if its in a big university setting or a small private family medicine clinic) to see if you can shadow someone.All the students that I’ve worked with in the past that have been successful have had some shadowing.

But definitely get involved in medical charting or anything else you can in the meantime!

@houstongal In my opinion, this whole BS/MD process is a crap shoot and no one really can chance you. The only way you will find out is by applying to a wide range of BS/MD programs. You may be lucky to get even a single admission offer. I am being very realistic.