chance me for BU engineering school

<p>i'm an first generation asian american
gpa-3.7 weighted
not ranked because my school ranks only top 10%
SAT- math-800
writing -710

<p>AP classes i have taken:
human geography (freshman yr)
world history (sophomore yr)
art history (sophomore yr)
english (junior yr)
statistics (junior yr)
physics b (junior yr)
us history (junior yr)
AP classes i will take as a senior:
ap english
ap calculus bc
ap biology
ap mac/microeconomics
ap european history</p>

soccer (freshman-sophomore)
NHS (sophomore-senior)

<p>volunteer work:
Organizing for America
candidate Bill White's campaign
total hours: 50</p>

<p>leadership positions:
secretary of NHS at my school
vp of politics club </p>

<p>also finally i will be the first one in my family to go to college
so what are my chances?</p>

<p>I got in with the exact same GPA and SAT scores so I think you're set. Just make sure to not slack off in your senior year classes too much as you will need to send in your 1st semester grades. Second semester just don't get any D's or F's in your classes.</p>