Chance me for Bucknell U?

SAT: 1300 (Retaking, hoping I get a 1400)
GPA: 3.75-3.8
Rank: Was top 7% after sophomore year, but most likely dropped. I’m thinking around 10%.
AP scores: Reporting Lang score of a 4
Senior year courseload:
AP psychology
AP lit
AP Spanish
AP physics 1
Organic biochem honors
Calculus honors
Religion (catholic school)
JV basketball/ club basketball (went to US JR nationals with my team)
JV soccer/club soccer
Track and field (winter and spring)
Speech and debate (broke a few times)
Performing arts company (usher and tech crew)
Physician shadowing
Hospital Volunteer
Library volunteer
Nursing home volunteer
EMT (will get certified soon)
Editor of neuroscience website
President of Environmental Club
Service Club
Tutor (tutored kids over the summer)
(I’m not putting these all on my app; I need helping choosing some)
Awards: NHS, Spanish Honor Society, national Spanish exam honorable mention twice, biology award, chemistry award, Rutgers mini-Med school