Chance me for Burnett Honors College please!

<p>Hey guys, just wondering if anyone recently admitted to BHC or knowledgable about the program could tell me my chances of getting in.
4.0 GPA (unweighted)
Class Rank: most likely will finish 10th/355
SAT: 2070 M+CR 1420 (taken once)
ACT: 31 (taken once)
SAT II: Taking Bio, Spanish, and World History next month
11th Grade: 1 AP and 5 DE's
12th Grade (next year): 2 AP's and at least 3 DE's
EC: Lacrosse (3 years so far), Wrestling (1 year), Holy Name Society, Model UN Club, Asian Club, Stream Team (Internet broadcasting of school sports), Open House volunteer (3 years), Improv Club, Senior Big Brother (next year), Will find somewhere to volunteer this summer
Academic Awards: 2nd in NY National Spanish Exam Bilingual category, National Honor Society, Received scholarship for high school
In addition, I just received a letter from National Merit Scholarship informing me I would be either commended or advanced to semifinalist status. I don't believe I will make semifinalist as my score was only 2130 but I'm fairly sure I will make National Hispanic Scholar.
My brother is an alumnus and current student at UCF. I don't know if they consider that though.</p>

<p>You should be fine. I'm in the program.</p>

<p>Why don't you apply to UF honors?</p>

<p>UF honors is definitely another one of my choices but I'd feel more comfortable in Orlando since I have family and friends there. I haven't visited UF yet but I doubt the campus will compare to UCF's. Plus, the minimum SAT score for consideration is 2070 at UF so I literally just make it.</p>