Chance me for Carnegie Mellon Early Decision?

School Type: Public
School Size: 575 students in my class
Location: New Jersey
Race/Gender: Asian Indian / Male
Unweighted GPA: 91
Weighted: 99
Class Rank: N/A (school does not do it but top 5%)
Prospective Major: Computational Finance

SAT I First Try: 1980 (CR: 570 / M: 720 / W: 690)
SAT I Second Try: 2020 (CR: 550 / M: 780 / W: 690)
SAT I Third Try: 2070 (CR: 650 / M: 710 / W:710)
SAT I Superscore: 2140/2400
CR+M Superscore: 1430/1600

SAT II Chemistry - 730
SAT II Math II - 760

AP Scores:
AP Chemistry: 4 (Sophomore Year)
AP Calculus AB: 5 (Junior Year)
AP US History: 5 (Junior Year)
AP Physics 1: 3 (Junior Year)

Course load and grades

Freshman Year:

Algebra 2 H: 92
Spanish 2 CP: 96
English 1 CP: 92
World History H: 92
Gym: 96
Biology H: 89
Chemistry H: 89

Sophomore Year:

Math Analysis H: 85
Spanish 3 CP: 91
English 2 CP: 94
US History 1 H: 90
Computer Programming 1: 98
Public Speaking: 95
Gym: 96
AP Chemistry: 87

Junior Year:

AP Calculus AB: 92
Spanish 4 CP: 89
English 3 H: 89
AP US History: 86
AP Micro/Macro Economics: 94
Gym: 99
AP Physics 1: 91

Senior Year (Currently taking):

AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
English 4 H
AP Biology
AP Physics C
Study Hall (Had to take it to double up in science)

Treasurer and Chairman’s Representative for Robotics at World Championships
National Honors Society
Public Relations at Future Business Leaders of America
Formerly a member of Spanish Honors Society (couldn’t fit AP Spanish in Schedule)
Did Cross country for 2 years
Science Olympiad
Math Team
Chemistry Team

Volunteered at retirement home
Currently shadowing a doctor (I was also considering pre-med)

Created a non profit organization with some friends where we hold “magic” shows for children where we introduce STEM concepts in science experiments and try to spark an interest in science into the next generation.

So what are my chances for early decision Carnegie Melon for Computational Finance??? Does it hurt that i do not have much coding experience?

Thank you so much for you help!