Chance me for Carnegie Mellon? I'll chance back.

Hi all,

Thank you in advance.

I am going to visit Carnegie Mellon soon, and I wanted to see what my chances were. I would be applying either to the College of Science or the School of Computer Science. I am potentially interested in biotechnology, with the possible addition of computer science.


PSAT 227 (National Merit SF Expected)
SAT 2300 (CR: 800, Math: 700, Writing: 800) (I took the SAT again and expect a higher score in Math)
UW GPA: 3.91 (Freshman: 4.0, Sophomore: 3.8, Junior: 3.95)
School (private school in MA) does not rank or weight GPAs.

AP Scores
Computer Science: 5
Chemistry: 5
Biology: Expect 5
BC Calc: Expect 4/5

SAT II Scores
Math II: 800
Chemistry: 800
Biology: 790


  • Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
  • Upper School Technology Award
  • Class of 2016 Curiosity in Learning Prize
  • 2 Varsity Letters for Crew


  • Four years on Vex Robotics Team, which has gone to the World Championships for the last two years. Won Design, Build, and Excellence Awards at local and regional competitions. Named co-captain and Lead Programmer for next season.
  • Two seasons (and upcoming third) on Varsity Crew Team. I am a coxswain for Novice and 2nd girls fours.
  • Upper School Disciplinary Committee. Elected. Hear appeals by students about disciplinary punishments. The committee, for some reason, also organizes forums on important issues and manages a bowling and a movie night.

Thank you again. I will chance back!

You’re pretty much set for CMU, except one or two things: CMU likes to see high SAT math scores and you’re currently in their 25th percentile, and you could maybe add one or two more EC’s. Other than that, you’re looking really good for CMU. Good luck! Chance back?

Thanks! I think I did much better (probably 800) on the second SAT I took. We’ll see what happens in a few days :slight_smile:

Yeah you should be pretty much set. Depending on what you end up getting on that math SAT score, you might want to apply to the College of Science instead of the school of Computer Science, which, if I’m not mistaken, can be far more competitive, especially in terms of math scores. If you get the SAT up to anything 780+, though, you should be fine for either one. Also the ECs you have are really good but adding a couple more in other areas (to broaden your range of activities a bit) wouldn’t hurt. With those two things you should be at least a very competitive applicant just about anywhere. Good luck!

You have a very good chance at Carnegie Mellon. I would say 60-80% sure that you will get in.

Chance me back:

There is nothing indicating that you won’t get in. Just make sure to write a great essay with really good recommendation letters.

Chance me back:

I don’t know much about acceptance rates at CMU but you have great scores and are taking rigorous courses and a good GPA. In addition your ECs reflect your desired program good luck!
chance me

Great test scores and ECs. If you write memorable essays, you should have a good shot. Chance me?

if you apply ED i think its a match
if RD then a high match
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