Chance me for Carnegie Mellon SCS!!!! (and others..?)

SAT: M 760, CR 730, W 760
SAT2: 740 chem, 800 math
GPA: 3.63, W 4.29
EC: playing music at local hospital, tutoring children and running website for this organization, volunteering and local charity for children with disabilities, dance
In school: member of wind ensemble(flute), vp of red cross club, secretary of NHS, cofounded my own tech club, model congress team member with many awards
Interned with a government rep in DC and interned with computer systems company for 6 weeks for programming, participated in few programming competitions, currently doing a research independent study with CS teacher
Honors: National Volunteer Service Gold award (not girl scouts), National french competition placement in top 15 sophomore year, and several Model UN awards, NHS and FHS
APS: ap Lang (5) , ap Chem (4) , ap compsci (5), ap french (self study 4)
taking a higher level computer science course my senior year
highest math level: calc AB (senior year) but taking a calc BC course second semester (put this on my additional information)

Also im a girl :slight_smile: and I want to major in CS if you couldn’t tell~

I know CMU’s computer science program is amazing, but can I get in? … what other schools would I be a match for or have a chance at? (UT austin, UMich, GTech, UIllinois-Urbana, etc?)

2014 SCS First-Year Admitted Student Statistics

720-800 CR
790-800 M
730-800 WR
3% Class Rank
3.89 GPA