Chance me for Carnegie Mellon?

<p>I'm interested in Cognitive Sciences/Psychology, so I'd be applying to H&SS. I don't turn 17 until mid-November and apparently you can't apply ED until you are, so I'll be applying EDII, in December. I'm applying for Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College program this year, but I'm not sure whether I"ll get it. Will applying ED to only one school in CMU hurt me? </p>

<p>My unweighted GPA is a little higher an 3.7, not sure what weighted is. My school has like a 50% Asian population and is CRAZY smart (we have the highest API score in our district, and our school's only been open for two years as compared to like 20 years for the rest) I'm not in the top 10%. I definitely am in the top quarter though.</p>

<p>I'm a "mostly A's, some B's" student but I got a C in AP Physics C last trimester. It looks like I'll have at least a B+, probably an A this trimester, because I've been studying much harder. If i get a letter of recommendation from my physics teacher will it make up for it?</p>

<p>AP tests: AP Euro 4, Calc AB 4, I'm taking AP Calc BC and Physics C this year, and self studying AP Computer Science and Psychology</p>

<p>My guidance counselor knows me pretty well, so I'll definitely have a great letter of rec from him.
200+ hours of community service to a school club and local food bank
228 PSAT (800M, 770CR, 710W), my SAT scores come out in a few weeks. I also probably qualified for national merit.
800 Math LII subject test, and I'm taking Bio E and literature this may, and maybe chemistry or physics.
Dance and Piano for 10 years, section leader for band (I also want to minor in music)
I know I need something to add, which is why I'm applying for CMU's summer program.
I'm Indian, which I know doesn't help my cause at all :( </p>

<p>Thanks! And are there any other schools (other than UCs) I should look at, considering my major?</p>

<p>Thanks for chancing me.</p>

<p>I think your chances are fairly good. Your GPA is good because their average GPA is a 3.64. I reccomend joining a school club because univesities like to see you're involved with your school at least a little bit. Also, colleges LOVE to see ECs that show your interest in your major. So if you're interested in Psychology then maybe volunteer at a hospital or something that helps people (shelters, etc).</p>

<p>Are you planning to submit an art supplement? I don't think your 1 'C' will hurt you - your GPA high in relation to the mean, as gclauds says. I think you're just a low reach - high match on Carnegie :)</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>I need to submit an art supplement if I'm planning on going into the psychology department? :O</p>


<p>GPA could be higher, class rank may hurt a bit. As said above, high match-low reach.</p>

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<p>bumppppppp (:</p>

<p>I think you have a really good chance. Your GPA is great and higher than their average. Clubs that represent your interest is what you are lacking. Get involved in something related to your area of major/minor. Show them you're well rounded and representative of several different areas. They look for passion, as most colleges do. Make sure your recs and essays reflect this passion and you'll be gold.</p>

<p>What about Vassar? I'm trying to look for schools with a strong cognitive science program.</p>

<p>Aight so dude you have a pretty good GPA, something thats pretty important for CM. And based on your PSAT scores, I think you'll do pretty well on the SAT. And as for the ECs, I think you should consider shadowing a Psychologist. I know that sounds weird, but one of my classmates did this last summer. I believe you have to contact the psychologist and ask them if they allow student shadowing. This usually looks pretty good on the application. Also, in my opinion I think it looks bad if you suddenly just join a bunch of random clubs. I suggest you try to go for leadership positions in the clubs that you are already in. Also if you can, BU has this summer internship/research program for psychology. If you get into that and are willing to pay the fees, then dude you will have a serious advantage. Good Luck!! And feel free to PM me anytime ;)!!</p>

<p>And have you considered University of Michigan!!! It has an amazing psychology program!!!</p>


<p>I'd say you have very good chances if you keep perform as good on the SAT as you did the PSAT. You are taking hard classes, doing well in them, have shown test taking capabilities and have okay EC's. I think you will get in. Best of luck to you.</p>

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<p>(Before I start, thanks for chancing me!)</p>

<p>Looking at this as a whole, I'd almost say you're on the lower end of college choice by applying ED to CMU. Solid EC's, excellent scores (judging from what you've already gotten), and solid GPA; all you need is an essay that explains your desire for CMU and quite frankly you're set.
(Just a minor question though: what gender are you? CMU does give a tiny advantage to females, so I've heard.)</p>

<p>As to your questions (answered in the order you asked them in):How many schools you apply to at CMU has no effect on admission, and in fact only applying to one school makes the CMU supplement essay easier, as you only need to address that one school.</p>

<p>Getting a rec letter from your physics teacher is 50/50. You've made up for your initial drop and seem to be working upwards, but the initial C might get in the way. It falls down on how much your physics teacher likes you; if he/she likes you, by all means go for it, but otherwise it would be preferable to choose a different teacher.</p>

<p>In fact, I feel there ARE some other schools you should consider. Depending on how you perform in your school years before college, you might even be able to consider applying ED to Dartmouth instead, as their psychology major is near-mythical status there. If you think it's too high, Case Western and Smith College would also be strong fits for Psychology.</p>

<p>Overall, you have really, really strong chances for CMU H&SS, and as long as you maintain your level of performance in school you should be just fine in getting in.</p>

<p>Good luck on your future applications!</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon doesn't consider freshman year GPA. What's your GPA without freshman year?</p>

<p>I'm female :)
This made me feel so much better, thanks! And thanks for suggesting those other colleges!</p>