Chance me for Carnegie, UMich, NYU Poly, Stony Brook

Hi guys, thank you for taking the time out to read this, I just need your opinion on my chances to get into the following schools:

  • Carnegie Mellon
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
  • NYU Polytechnic
  • SUNY Stony Brook University
  • Columbia University
  • Steven's Tech University
  • Cornell Tech University

I realize I might be overshooting for some of these colleges but I’d still like to know if its worth it to apply to these or not.

Intended Major: Computer Science


  • Immigrated to the US almost 5 years ago from Pakistan.
  • Enrolled in an above avg. public high school in NYC
  • First generation college applicant
  • Family income <30k


  • GPA: 96 W; 89UW
  • SAT: 1900 SS; 1860 REG (Retaking in Nov, aiming for at least a 2000)
  • ACT: Will take in December
  • Class Rank: Top 10% of ~900 graduating class
  • APs: Computer Science A (Score: 4)

College Accredited Classes:

  • PreCalculus
  • Digital Art & Design

Extracurriculars (In no particular order)

  • Led a team of teenagers to build a mock company, develop a product and push to market over the summer. Won Audience Choice Award.
  • Attended several hackathons over the past 3 years.
  • Hosting a fairly large (80-150 attendees) next year with possible sponsorship from companies like Deloitte, Twilio, - SendGrid, C4Q, Venmo and Nationwide Bandwidth.
  • Cofounded a company near the end of junior year that has been gaining some traction lately.
  • Part of the school’s Robotics team, designed the robot and competed with other schools as part of the FIRST competition.
  • Adobe certified for Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Part of school’s chapter of MOUSE Squad, helping the IT staff handle issues around the school.
  • Volunteered for Red Cross for a short while.
  • Will graduate early in Jan’16 instead of June’16 and intern @ Goldman Sachs

Your ECs are really cool and your grades are good – but you should definitely retake the SAT.

Penn and Columbia are reaches for you, but apply unless money is holding you back.
Carnegie Mellon a bit of a reach. I would apply though, seems a good fit for you in terms of interests.
NYU and Stony Brook high matches; both excellent schools too.
Cornell Tech, Steven’s Tech, Mich all matches, and probably good safeties at that.

Hope you improve your SAT score and fulfill your NYC dreams, best of luck!

Try to recalculate your uwGPA from letter grades into 4.0 max scale. 89% should be right below A- which would be around 3.7. Your GPA is likely low for UMich while your SAT is definitely low for UMich.

Thanks guys! Considering the stats above, what colleges for CS would be a good match for me?