Chance me for CAS please!

<p>I am applying to CAS to major in economics...I would be greatly appreciative if anybody could help tell me what my chances are!</p>

<p>SAT I: 2150 (650CR, 720M, 780W) (went in blind, prepping for fall)
SAT II: waiting for scores back
AP: waiting for scores back
GPA: ~89 only releases letter grades, no weighting for AP/honors courses. does not release class rank or GPA to colleges</p>

<p>Junior Courses
AP Chem
Hon Spanish III
Hon PreCalc
American Lit
US History
Photo II</p>

<p>Senior Courses
AP Calc AB
AP Art
Hon Stats (AP not offered, but allowed to take the exam in May)
Hon Physics
Hon Shakespeare
Econ/Anthro (1semester each)</p>

<p>Also, took a college course in Macroeconomics at Fordham University- 4.0</p>

Cross Country/Track- Captain of the track team until switched until XC (played at the highest level in both every year)
Soccer-(9th only)</p>

Lit Mag, Photo club
Community service: China Care, Community Service Board, 100+ hours (almost all at the same organization)
Intern for two years for 150+ hours
AMC Test- taken in 9th and 11th, highest score in class in 9th, don't know score for 11th
National Spanish Exam- Bronze/Hon Mention 9, 10, 11
(Note: my school doesn't enter in any academic competitions other than AMC Math and National Language Exams)</p>

<p>Recs: both will be extremely amazing (math and english teachers))</p>

<p>Essays: quite decent writer, though I haven't written my essays yet, they should be very good.</p>

<p>Other Info:
Hooks: letter from member of board of directors
Income: high income bracket (no need for financial aid)
Possible Majors: Economics, in addition, may double/minor in some kind of English, also big talent is photography, so likely won't give it up
About School: very competitive: sends multiple kids to multiple ivys every year; does not rank and is very cryptic/careful about how it grades and is very critical of grade inflation (all of this is written about in the cover letter it sends every year)</p>