Chance me for CIMS(Courant Institute of NYU), thanks a lot

<p>Male, Chinese, Lived in Suriname(a third world country in south america) for last 3 years of high school</p>

<p>intended major: math
SAT 1: CR 540 Math 800 WR 650 (sent)
SAT 1 another time: CR 520 Math 740 WR 660 (not sent) This score will fix my score up to 2000, but the math section looks really bad for a math dept student, should i send it?
SAT 2: unknown, more likely Math II 770~800, Chemistry 770~800, World history 400~500
Rank : #1 out of 9 students(yes, only 9 students in my grade), or top 10%
GPA: 3.47
Math grade: 99 for Math class in every semester
AP Classes: taking AP Cal AB now
Clubs: Soccer, Drama, Ping pong
Extra C: 3 hours of working on helping to rebuild a local school
I know i lack EC part a lot
Recommandations: Great
App essays: should be OK</p>

<p>I m applying for ED II</p>

<p>GPA is 3.49, not 3.47</p>

<p>SAT II came out: MathII 800, Chemistry 780, World History 500</p>

<p>Nobody wanna help me?</p>