Chance me for class of 2025

Could you please chance me for class of 2025 for admission in Bio/Neuroscience major at Johns Hopkins. My stats as of now:

  1. UW GPA 3.75 (10th and 11th grade)
  2. Weighted GPA 4.63 (10th and 11th grade)
  3. ACT - 35
  4. SAT - 1520
  5. IB Curriculum (Hoping for predictive score of 38+; based on current scenario)
  6. Extra curricular activities:
    i. Developed a website for school (collaborative application, currently in process of being selected and finalizing)
    ii. Invented low cost glasses for blind (prototype done, currently creating real glass for use)
    iii. Red Cross volunteer / certification / leadership (in school club and with Red Cross directly).
    iv. ASB Club coordinator leader (12th grade)
    v. Consistently debating since 6th grade (Public forum style, have been awarded team awards for 1st, 2nd’ 3rd position - thrice, TOC qualifier).
    vi. Internship at Boeing (Awarded - Big Brain intern)