Chance Me for Cockrell at UT Austin

Is a 1470 (CR 700/M 770) a good enough score to be accepted into the chemical engineering program at UT? I got rekt by the June SAT curve because I only missed 4 on reading, 3 on writing, and 1 on math. I know it’s a bit of stretch but is there any chance of me getting into Engineering Honors even though they usually accept people with scores of around 1500 or higher? I have taken one AP class, 34 credits in dual credit during junior year, and I conduct biomedical engineering research at UNT. My new school doesn’t rank, but I used to be rank 3 out of 700+ kids at my old high school.

When I went to an information session at Cockrell, they said their average SAT is a 1440ish. You’re above that. Also, Your math score is in the 99th percentile, which is very good. I took the June SAT, too, hoping to improve from my 1500 in May, but I was thoroughly disappointed to see my score drop because of the curve, so they might take that into consideration. I would only retake it if you’re positive you can improve as I realize how draining these standardized tests can be. Just write good essays, highlighting your interest in engineering, and you’ll be set. As for honors, Honors is hard for anybody. Even a 1600 won’t guarantee a spot in the honors program, but because you conduct research at UNT, that could be a boost to your apllication. Also, since your new school doesn’t rank, are you not an auto-admit? Some non-ranking schools will still rank the top 10%.

@college12373 Yeah, I’m not an auto-admit, and it’s a shame that the curve hurt your score too. I haven’t been able to visit UT yet, so thank you for all the information! :slight_smile:

No problem! And yeah, that June SAT curve was horrendous. Who knew that missing 8 questions would send you down to a 1450? Anyway, I just sent them my 1500 because I just want to be done with testing. And yeah, my school doesn’t rank either, which kinda sucks but it is what it is.


If you are not an auto admit, your chances of getting into chemical engineering are low. Write a great essay but make sure you apply to other schools as well.

Would a 1500 (CR 740/M 760) SAT, lots of commitment to band (leadership, area awards, community service) and really passionate essays (like 9/10) give me a good shot at getting into environmental or civil engineering? Btw, I come from a non-ranking in-state school.

@college12373, even non-ranking in-state schools rank the top 10% so they know who is an auto admit. They may just give the GPA for that level versus a true ranking. If you are not an auto admit, you are competing for only 15% of the available seats. That being said, civil and probably environmental engineering are less competitive than the other engineering disciplines. I think you would have a decent chance. It would depend on the strength of your essay, reputation of your HS, course selections (take the hardest math) and do show a passion for your major. Give it your best shot but also apply to other universities.

Thanks for the response. My school ranks the top 10%, and I’m in it. I just missed top 6% by one spot. There are only 3 auto-admits from my school to UT this upcoming year as my school is really small. I’m definitely applying to TAMU just in case, but my heart is really set on UT. As far as course rigor, I took every advanced class since freshman year. My senior year, I’m taking two math classes (AP Calc and Stats) and two science classes (AP Chem and AP Environmental) and am set to graduate with 9 AP’s in total. Nothing is guarenteed, but I’m just going to try my best!