Chance me for Cockrell (MechE)?

I’m planning on applying for mechanical engineering undergrad this fall. I’m eligible for automatic admission into the university itself; however, I’m not sure if I have a chance at being accepted into Cockrell.

U/W GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 5.62/6.0
Class Rank: 4/578
1710 SAT
25 ACT


Sophomore Year:

AP World Hist.: A+ / A+
PreAP Chemistry: A+ / A+
PreAP English 2: A / A+
PreAP Spanish 3: A+ / A+
PreAP Algebra 2: A+ / A+
Soccer: A+ / A+
Tech Theatre: A+ / A+

Junior Year:

AP Chemistry: A+ / A+
AP English Lang: A+ / A+
APUSH: A+ / A+
AP Physics 1: A+ / A+
PreAP Precalc: A / A+
Soccer: A+
Engineering Design: A / A

Planned Senior Year:

AP Calculus AB
AP Physics C: Mech
Honors English 4 DC
AP Economics
AP American Government
Honors Humanities
Robotics & Programming
Fundamentals of Engineering

Community College

Calculus 1 (currently at an A)


Key Club (member 3 years, Editor 1 year)
NHS (member 2 years)
Robotics (Founded, VP 2 years, President 2 years)
Math and Science club (Founded, 1 year)
HOSA (member 1 year)
Student Council (member 1 year)
Soccer (3 years)
200+ hours of community service hours
HOBY Ambassador/Alumni
Fundamentals tour at an engineering facility
Church youth group (2 years)
Part time job during a summer
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (member 3 years)

I understand that my SAT/ACT scores are low but could I still be accepted despite my low scores?
Thank you for your time!

Definitely retake your SAT and ACT the first available test date offered in the fall. Better to wait to send in your application once your scores come up. You didn’t mention your math scores specifically but it is going to need to be very strong to compensate for the low overall scores. That said, your class rank is fantastic and your activities and courses look good. Keep in mind that the majority of UT engineering majors have SAT’s over a 2000, so ideally you should study online or with study guides and do all you can to bring up the scores the next time you take it. Good luck!