Chance me for College of Engineering and Computer Science please Early Decision

I have a 2.7 weighted GPA, 1500 SAT, planning to submit. I did an interview and I think I did fine(?). I wrote my Common App essay and when I showed it to my English teacher she said it describes my personality very well and overall, the essay is good. I’m very determined and willing to do any hard work. I have worked full-time in a golf simulator store for 2 months, and currently making a club in my high school called Korean culture club. Do you think I can get in? I really want to go to Syracuse, and this is the only college that I think fits me in any way.

Does your school have Naviance? That will help you better assess your chances.

Syracuse is probably a reach, but there’s so much we don’t know about your application package…rigor of courses (APs/honors), 4 courses from each of the 5 core subject areas, senior year math class, essays, LoRs, upward grade trend or not, why GPA and test scores are discrepant, etc.

Are you applying ED? Are you applying for financial aid?

You definitely have to have at least one affordable safety.

Yes our school use Naviance. I didn’t take any AP’s or honors class, but I’m taking 2 college level class this year. I have took Algebra 1, Geometry, College Ready Mathematics, and I’m taking Algebra 2 this year. English, I have been in ENL English class for 2 years, and been in normal English Regents class since my Junior year. Social Studies, I have took Global History 1, Global History 2 ENL, U.S. History & Government, and I’m taking Contemporary Social Issues this year. For Science, I have took Earth Science, Living Environment, Applied Science, and I’m taking Astronomy and Health Related Careers this year. I have took Italian 1 in my Sophomore year, and didn’t take any language class in Freshman year, Junior year. Not taking any languages in my Senior year too, But my native language is Korean. My essays have been reviewed by 2 English teachers in our school, and they gave me a lot of advice, and after working on my essay little bit more, my English teachers said my essay looks great and I’m ready to apply. I’m getting my LoRs from my Freshman & Junior Year Math teacher and my Junior year English teacher. My grades are in upward grade trend, our school uses 0-100 grade scale, and I raised my GPA from 72.192(freshman) to 83.972(sophomore) to 86.727(junior), which led to my cumulative GPA of 80.75. I made a big improvement. I had depression in freshman year and totally destroyed my GPA from freshman year, but after going to therapist, my condition was better than before so I worked hard and corona came up so I got a big boost in my grades. Junior year, this was my last chance to bring my GPA up as much as I could, so I worked really hard and made my GPA into 86, but I failed 2 classes in freshman year and this made my freshman GPA to 72.192, which led to results as cumulative weighted & unweighted GPA of 80.75. SAT, I worked hard to get the best score I can get, I took it like 3 times, and the highest score I got was 1500 and I decided to put it together to my application. I’m applying ED and financial aid too. And I have two safety schools, Clarkson and Hartford.

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Plus, I’m applying for Mechanical Engineering major.

anybody, please answer. I’m really desperate enough to go around my room 1000+ times. Please I really want you to chance me even if I’m not gonna get into Syracuse.

Because it looks like you have not taken precalc, bio, chem, or physics, I don’t think you will be accepted to Syracuse engineering.

I also think that not having precalc in particular precludes treating Clarkson and Hartford as safeties.

In our school LIving Environment is counted as Biology.

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does having Bio increase my chance?