<p>Am currently in my Junior year
Hispanic/White Female, US citizen
Hooks: Journalism, productive volunteer work, minority status, a truly international childhood.</p>

<p>I want to major in Journalism, but am interested in Engineering either as a minor or as a double major. I know I know, that 4 years isn’t enough for both, and I’m totally willing to spend an extra year or whatever to graduate from college with both of them under my belt. Am planning to attend Northwestern’s summer program for HS journalism this year.</p>

<p>Been to 3 Different HS’s in 3 different countries
Fresh-V. competitive public HS in Texas
Soph--V. competitive private HS in Singapore (USA style of education though)
Junior and Senior--V. small, and new private HS in Vietnam (IB)</p>

<p>Junior Year PSAT—207 (98th percentile overall, I’m pretty sure in a finalist as an intl student though)</p>

Critical Reading-71
That other section—56 :(</p>

<p>Unweighted freshman—sophmore GPA


Human Geography-5 (soph)
I plan to take World History and US History self-study, I’m aiming for 5’s, will be v. surprised if I get less than 4</p>

<p>I have no ****ing idea how my current school does grades, or how it would even possibly translate into GPA so I’ll just list my guesstimated IB results.</p>

<p>Total (39)</p>

<p>Physics HL--5
Business and Management HL--7
English HL--7</p>

<p>Chem SL--5
Spanish Ab Initio SL--6
Maths SL (but not studies!)--6</p>

<p>Journalist Activities
Fresh—Allowed to skip year-long class and join staff immediately due to writing skills</p>

--Page Editor, amazing rec from my Journalism teacher in that school, he had pegged me as Editor-in-Chief since December if I had stayed at that school</p>

<p>--Quill and Scroll Inductee</p>


<p>--Started student-driven school publication
A pretty big undertaking that I spend a min of 10 hours/wk on avg (all of these hours are also officially documented as part of my CAS) , I have a team of about 20 people incl. writers, layout people, advertising people, and photographers. School has never attempted to do this before, so we are completely in charge down to the nitty gritty details—I set all deadlines etc., we sell advertisements by ourselves (bringing in $1000 USD a year), all students have no prior experience with journalism whatsoever (VN is communist afterall..), we deal with printing it out, setting budgets, all writing, layout, and photos just a lot of work in general. </p>

<p>Other EC’s
Fresh Year—
Silver Award-Girl Scouts</p>

<p>Soph Year—
80 Volunteer Hours primarily in two long-term activities
Teaching migrant workers who come to Singapore computer skills, ie. Phillipino maids, Indian/Cambodian construction workers</p>

<p>Work with the visually handicapped/blind. Had to be trained for this. A pretty big thing that I wouldn’t get into details, but basically the program has been visited by Jane Goodall, and if I had stayed in Singapore, would have been the person in charge of that.</p>

<p>80ish hour Gold Award—Girl Scouts
A month long program in which I taught computer skills to volunteers/helpers at a local

<p>OTHER English-related EC’s</p>

<p>English Award in Soph Year (one out of 300 students?)
Published in School’s Literary Journal</p>

<p>SO FAR this year I already have 130 CAS hours.</p>

<p>A WORD on languages—
Have been studying Chinese for two years, including spending a month last summer studying at uni in Beijing and living with a Chinese family. I still have a private tutor for this (new school doesn’t offer) and it’s something I want to continue with.</p>

<p>By the time I graduate, will have lived in Vietnam for two years and will have some kind of knowledge of Vietnamese. Am planning to take classes over holidays to improve on this, but I already have a 200ish word vocabulary and some basic sentences down (lol my driver teaches me..)</p>

<p>By the time I graduate, I will have studied Spanish for two years.</p>

<p>Any SAT Subject tests?</p>