Chance me for Cornell 2021?

Ok a lot of these chance me discussions have made me very stressed (hence the username) about my own application. I’d love to have some honest feedback (nice criticism that doesn’t completely crush my dreams if possible).

Stats- 3.89 gpa unweighted, have taken 8 APs and 1 environmental science ap online (not offered at school). The amount of APs I have taken is above average, and I go to a target school-one of the top boarding schools in the country. Regarding the SAT, I haven’t been able to take it yet so I can’t give an accurate estimate of what it will be. If it’s not above a 1500, I’m considering not submitting it. I am wondering about how much of a disadvantage i would be at as a result.

Extracurriculars- I am majoring in environmental design and analysis at Human Ecology. I have had several local art awards and have had by art in galleries downtown, all of which demonstrate environmental activism by using sustainable materials, etc (its a little hard to explain)
I was accepted into a residential program at my school junior year that does daily volunteering off campus and meets with other speakers about environmental justice, for example learning about sustainable farming, etc.
I won a national award in 8th grade (Broadcom masters) relating to environmental science, and I actually continued this project on a larger scale by planting these specific species of plants that are known to absorb excess phosphorus along a river near by town, which involved other people in the community and helped lower pollution levels significantly.
I was a part of STEM and worked on a math project that related natural numbers to actual nature (more to it but yeah essentially I presented it to my community and am thinking of getting the work published if it means anything?)
Internship at a high end architecture firm in NYC, where I learned about sustainable design and biomimicry
Launched an art program at my school after living at a residential house for other artists interested in design (specifically jewelry design) over the summer
Job at preschool helping with fairy houses? Probably not relevant
Diversity Equity and Inclusion leadership council
Environmental Leadership Lab at brown Sophomore year
Leader of three clubs which I created, all with more than 10 members in each: Secular Student Society (atheist club, interviewed Richard Dawkins and other speakers who are pretty prominent), Anime Club, and Architecture and Design Club
Essays: pretty good with an interesting hook. Was misdiagnosed with a brain tumor, obviously got a little depressed as a result (explaining a B junior year), and I started explaining how my philosophy on life changed overtime as an optimistic nihilist-connected it with my love for anime and how it’s beautiful and surreal animation made me appreciate nature and our connection with environments more, making me want to apply these concepts in real life through sustainable architecture.
I haven’t started the design project yet, going to work on it with the assistance of an art teacher so hopefully it turns out well.