Chance me for Cornell AEM major?

<p>Hi I am looking to transfer to Cornell for Fall 2015 as sophomore standing (currently a freshman) & I would like some feedback/chances! :)</p>

<p>High School Stats:
GPA: 4.47/4.00 (weighted); 3.97/4.00 (unweighted)
Class rank: top 1% of class
ACT composite: 33
AP's taken: Calculus BC (4), LIt/Comp (4), Biology (4), Psychology (5), US Gov/Pol (4)
Activities/leadership: President of National English Honor Society, President of cultural society in my city, Class Vice President for Student Council, Vice President/Treasurer of Environmental Club, Secretary of Science Honor Society, member of Math honor society & NHS, and got involved in many musical ensembles
Volunteer experience: not that many but volunteered at county library</p>

<p>College Stats:
School: State School (among the top 50 schools)
GPA: expecting 4.00/4.00 for my first semester
Major: Econ
Expected credit hours: 32 (without any AP credits)
Activities: board member(possibly) of a business organization, board member of humanitarian organization, and volunteer at local community, orchestra
Classes I'm taking:
Intro to Microecon
Business Statistics
Organismal Biology
Greek Myth
Intro Arts and Science class
Intro to Macroecon
Second sequence of Business Statistics
Environmental Biology or intro to Anthro
Public Speaking
English (composition class)</p>

<p>I think that your ECs and grades are all decent so you stand a good chance. Again, it is an Ivy so you can never say for sure. Good luck though :)</p>

<p>Your grades look decent, although putting weighted scale out of 4.00 is misleading and not accurate. You don’t have very many AP classes though. A 33 is probably in about the mid 50% for Cornell, so you might have a chance.</p>