Chance Me for Cornell CALS Dyson AEM

<p>I am applying early decision to Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Based on these stats and ECs, what are my chances of being accepted. If you more information, please comment below. Your help is much appreciated :)</p>

<p>SAT: 2050

<p>-National Honor Society
-Spanish Honor Society
-Cornell University Summer College
-Student exchange to Spain
-Vice President of Spanish Club
-Hindu Sunday School
-Varsity Soccer Team Member
-Club soccer team captain
-worked for family tax preparation business
-Clubs:chess, key club, future business leaders of america, distributive education clubs of america, end racism and sexism everywhere, indian cultural club, ski club
-over 100 hours community service
-top 18% in my school.</p>


<p>AEM tends to frown upon flowery clubs like “end racism and sexism”. And these stats don’t paint a complete picture of you. GPA? Your SAT is okay.</p>

<p>I was told Cornell looks more at class rank than GPA…however my GPA is B+</p>

<p>anyone else? comments/suggestions?</p>