Chance me for Cornell ED and USC

<p>Hi, I'm new to these forums and would appreciate any help.
I'll be applying to around 10 schools this upcoming school year (class of '12), but among those I am applying to, Cornell and USC are those that I want to attend most. Here are my stats. </p>

<p>GPA (UW): 3.89
ACT: 33 (36 English, 34 Math, 31 Reading, 30 Science) However, this was taken w/o writing (it wasn't offered due to state testing), and so I have to take the test once more, probably in October. I didn't study for the ACT when I got a 33, and this time I plan on doing test prep so that I can increase my score to a 34+. However, you can chance me as if I got a 33 since I am not positive that I will score higher.
SAT II's: 790 US History, taking Math level II in the fall, expecting a 750+
AP's: Soph- US History (5), Human Geography (self study, 5) Environmental Science (self study, 5) Junior- Calculus AB (5), Physics C Mechanics (4), Psychology (5), Chemistry (3)
I have received nothing lower than an A- in all of my AP classes, and straight A's in all of them but Chemistry (A- 2 quarters)
Class Rank: Top 15%. However, this is based off of UW GPA's, which mean little. If my school weighted GPA's, I would be in the top 5%. My counselor will explain my situation in her recommendation or elsewhere in my application. </p>

<p>I am a male.
Ethnicity: Hispanic (hook?)
State: Utah
Major: Undecided, but I am interested in Astronomy/Physics</p>

<p>I took a very tough courseload my junior year. It is below.</p>

<p>AP Calc AB
AP Chem
AP Chem Lab
AP Physics C Mechanics
AP Psychology
Honors English
Spanish III

<p>Senior year schedule
Semester 1:</p>

<p>Calculus II (@ university)
Linear Algebra (@ university)
AP English Lit
College Biology (no AP sciences are left at my school that I have not yet taken.)

<p>Semester 2:
Calculus III (MVC)
AP English Lit
College Bio
1 or 2 other courses at a nearby university that I have not yet decided on.</p>

Varsity Tennis 4 years
Math and Science Club 2 junior and senior year
President of Science Bowl team senior year, member since junior year
Science Olympiad, including various awards (I took gold in regional Astronomy and Towers, took silver in state in Towers)
Honor Society 3 years
Spanish Club 3 years (may hold officer position my senior year, even though I can no longer take Spanish because my school does not offer anything past Spanish III.)
I have been committed to Boy Scouts of America since middle school, and have since received my Eagle Scout award. </p>

<p>Essays: They should be great. I am enthusiastic about both schools.
Teacher and Counselor Rec's: Also great. I have developed very close relationships with a few of my teachers. </p>

<p>Another thing: I was responsible for starting an AP Physics class (there didn't exist one before), and there was only 1 other student in the class. I will include the fact that I was responsible for starting the course with my Calculus teacher as a 0-period course (meaning before school regularly starts).</p>

<p>I come from a small town, and I hope to give off the vibe to my prospective schools that I have done everything I can to make the best of my situation. Nobody from my school applies to top 20 schools, or even top 50 schools for that matter. </p>

<p>Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Bumppp, I am very worried!!!</p>

<p>USC you'll get in without a doubt with your grades and commitment to your ec's even though you have few., need to show more ec's for sure and leadership leadership leadership!! Remember Cornell IS an ivy league at the end of the day and you aren't much different than the other top notch applicants. Stand out, build a house for the poor or some ***** while you still have time and start a couple clubs.</p>

<p>Almost guarantee for USC, for Cornell I really don't know. I am an eagle scout too :]</p>

<p>USC i think you're definitely in, cornell's probably a high match/low reach</p>

<p>USC you can get into.
Cornell is reach for everyone because of its IVY status. However, it is one of the less crazy ones (in comparison to Harvard, Yale, Princeton etc)</p>

<p>Good luck :)
I'm rooting for you!</p>