Chance me for Cornell Engineering

<p>Hey Guys,
I'm going to a freshman next year and am in the middle of doing college apps. It would be nice to chance me so I could get a better idea how to use my ED.</p>

Unweighted- 3.46
Weighted- 5.10</p>

<p>Rank- Top 10%-- near 5% </p>

Math- 760
Critical Reading- 730
Writing- 790</p>

Math II- 750
Chemistry- 770
US History- 740</p>

Chemistry- 5
US History- 5
Lang Comp- 5</p>

<p>Extra Currics
-President of Science National Honor Society
-History Honor Society
-Under-Sec. Gen. of Model UN team
-State Ranked OM Team
-Publicity Committee for Key Club
-100 hours of volunteering at local Y
-Cornell Summer College Graduate
-Research at Stevens Institute of Technology
-Soccer Player (2 years)
-Track (1 year)
Very, very good.</p>

1 very good
1 good</p>

<p>bit above average chance early decision, lower, but average chances regular. good luck!</p>