Chance me for Cornell! Senior

Hello! I’m a senior. I have been researching universities quite a bit now and feel that Cornell is a good fit for me (and I, hopefully for them). I do have safeties and other schools on my list, but Cornell is one of my top choices. I will be applying RD and am out-of-state (if that makes a difference).

Asian female - senior interested in medicine
GPA - 4.54 (weighted)
SAT - 1600, 740 (USH), taking Chem in Oct
AP’s - US History (5), Env Science (4), Chem (5), Calc BC (5), Stats (5), Comp Sci (4), Gov (5), Bio, Psych, Latin, Lit
Dual Enrollment classes - microbiology and research

  • president of a medical club
  • volunteering at hospital for 150+ hours
  • shadowing doctor every now and then (not anymore due to COVID-19)
  • interning at a lab for 8 hours a day for 4 weeks
  • latin club
  • Model UN (2 local level awards)
  • summer medical internship this summer (cancelled due to COVID-19)
    Honor Societies - NHS, NEHS, Latin Honor Society, Science Honor Society, MAT

I’m pretty sure my recommendations will be great (one of them asked me if they can write one).

I have finished my essay and am really proud if it!

Please chance me!