Chance me for CS or CompE at Purdue?

I want to major in either computer science or computer engineering at Purdue.

GPA Scale: A in a regular class: 4.0 ; Honors/AP:5.0
Unweighted/ Weighted GPA: 3.65 / 4.41
Class rank: Top 15% in the over 650 kids in my graduating class
ACT: 31 (taking classes and hoping to increase this to a 33)
Senior Course Load: AP Econ/Gov (1st/2nd semester), AP Literature, AP Calc AB, AP Physics, AP Computer Science, and Advanced Marketing
AP Courses: 9 by the end of next year

Extra curricular:
Arizona DECA State Officer (Represent 9,000 students)
Served as Chapter Vice President & Public Relations Officer
Won 1st Place in Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan Junior Year (Developed an app plan), 3rd Place in Marketing Communications Sophomore Year
Two Year International Career Development Conference Qualifier
International Media Correspondent

Speech & Debate:
4 Year Speech and Debate member
Served as Speech and Debate Secretary
3 Year Varsity Debater

American Red Cross:
4 Year American Red Cross member
Serve as Red Cross Public Relations Officer

National Honors Society (2 Years)
Mentoring Program
Key Club
Large amount of community service
Arizona State University’s Business Scholar

Corporate Marketing IT Intern for 2 Years
IT Development Specialist for 1 Year
Started my own business by coding my own website and creating an online retail website.

Plan on starting an engineering organization at my school
Ethnicity: Asian/Indian

First Generation American
First Generation College Student

I know my GPA is relatively low as is my class rank. Would it be better for me to apply for regular decision and get my grades up first semester of senior year? Also, is there anything I can do to show my passion for engineering and technology? Do you guys know of any place I can get an online certificate or something in CS or CE? Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Besides Purdue, I’m also looking to apply to UIUC, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, GeorgiaTech, and a few more schools. Do I have a shot? Thanks!

I would apply early if I were you. The earlier your application gets in, the less chance they run out of space for your major. Since you have work experience in IT and will be taking AP CompSci, I think that shows the interest is there. FWIW, I just graduated from Purdue in engineering and my only show of interest in engineering was attending a women in engineering day on campus and a 5 day summer camp on campus. But it seems Purdue has become more competitive. I think you have a shot at these programs especially if you apply early.