Chance me for CS please!

<p>Asian- Instate
ACT: 32 English: 28 Math: 36 Reading: 28 Science: 35 Writing: 8
GPA weighted: 3.9 GPA nonweighted: 3.4 (I know its kind of low, but my school is really competitive and plus my courseload)
Its funny how my grades did not correspond with my AP scores..
AP Calculus BC (C): 5 AP Chemistry (B): 5 AP Chinese (B/A): 5 AP Stats (A): 4 AP Comp. (A): 4</p>

Math Team – 9,10,11,12 (1.5 hours/ wk)
DECA – 9,10,11 (1 hour/ wk)
Museum Volunteer – 10, 11 (120 hours)
Math Resource Center – 12 (8 hours / week) – Tutor -1st and 6th hour
Key Club – 9
I have some experience in Python, HTML, Visual Basics, Java, and Alice from the classes I took. (I wrote this in my essay)
My second choice major is Computer Engineering.</p>

<p>Also my school does not rank.</p>

<p>Your ACT composite of 32 will go a long way towards alleviating what would otherwise be a slightly below average GPA for CS, and your math subscore is also considered, and is outstanding. I'd say you're a match.</p>

<p>I would say in for both CS and CompE.</p>

<p>Thanks Radiums and Balthezar!</p>